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15 Best eCommerce Website Templates

15 Best eCommerce Website Templates That'll Make Your Customers Buy

This post was last updated on July 22, 2021.

Are you finally ready to take the plunge and open your very own eCommerce website? If you answered an emphatic “yes”, we are right beside you cheering you on. You’ve chosen an opportune time to start an online store.

In 2020, Wix eCommerce stores saw 140% YoY Growth in sales transactions.

Online selling existed long before COVID-19, but eCommerce experienced a transformation during the pandemic as millions of merchants and consumers went online for their selling and buying needs. And while the world may be returning to normal, the successes and innovations in eCommerce have cemented its place as a permanent and vital business solution.

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar business that has decided to open an online store, or if you’re simply looking to seize the benefits of eCommerce, now is a great time to get started. Looking for inspiration? We've got a number of great eCommerce website design examples to get you started. The first step you need to take? Choose one of our professional eCommerce website templates.

Black text on a light blue background that says "Launch your online store" with a clickable link button that says "Get Started"

What is an eCommerce template and why is it important?

Your eCommerce website design template defines the look, feel and usability of your online store, from the storefront to the checkout page. It’s one of the most critical elements in creating a successful online store.

Your template design will be the first thing visitors see, so it should look professional, stylish, and inviting. But a good template does more than just look pretty: it also determines how your products are displayed, how your customers will navigate your store, and ultimately, how pleasant their shopping experiences will be.

What to look for in a good template

Some templates are versatile enough to work well with all types of products and stores, while others may have features that make them especially ideal for a certain industry. That said, there are some universal factors to consider in choosing the best template for your business, regardless of what you’re selling.

Visual Appeal

Let’s be honest: first impressions matter. Shoppers can tell within seconds of visiting a website whether they want to stick around or leave. That’s why your template should be professional, stylish, and inviting.

There are many factors that contribute to a well-designed website. A diversity of high-resolution images, video and slideshow capabilities, and strong color and font themes are critical in making a good first impression, while a clean layout with well-defined sections, categories, and links are important in making your customers want to stick around.

Organizational factors may be less flashy, but they’re equally important in making a good first impression on your customers: product collections, galleries, and other layout features go a long way toward making your customers want to explore (and return to) your store.


Nothing scares a potential customer away quicker than website clutter, walls of text or an overload of links. Your online store template should be well-organized and allow for easy navigation. A good template will have a clear hierarchy of information and will give your customer an intuitive sense of where to go to find what they’re looking for.

Whether that means using product galleries, categorized collections or drop-down menus may depend on your specific business and products—but it’s important to consider the user journey and make sure your template layout invites the customer in rather than sending them fleeing back to Google.


Today’s online consumers are savvy shoppers who are careful about who they give their money to. An ideal template should convey professionalism and transparency, and ultimately make customers feel safe spending money in your store. A trustworthy template will have a professional design alongside secure payment portals, visible “About” pages, and store policies and contact information that are easy to find and understand.

The 15 best eCommerce website templates

Below are some of our favorite templates on Wix eCommerce. Jam-packed with the latest design features and the business tools you need, these website templates will help you sell your products. The best part? They’re 100% customizable, so you can make your online store entirely your own and add any features you realize you need as your store grows.

Here are the 15 best Wix eCommerce website templates to get you started with your online store:

01. Accessories Store

Wix eCommerce tote bag template

You can’t help but tote-ally fall in love with this practical template (even if you hate us for the bad pun). This no-nonsense design is a great resource to start selling online with a professional eCommerce website. No wonder it’s the one most beloved by Wix Merchants!

That’s because this professional eCommerce store template gives you everything you need to get your business started quickly and smoothly. The clean and spacious design gives you a lot to customize without interfering with the site’s professional, user-friendly shopping experience.

The product-focused template is intuitive for shoppers and ideal for merchants looking to sell just about anything. It’s easy for shoppers to navigate and includes all the important site pages and sections your store needs, like “About”, “Shipping & Returns”, and “Payment Methods”. All that’s left for you to do is add products and info and start selling.

Wix eCommerce website footer with subscription field

Pro Tip: Use the subscription field in the template’s footer to gather customers’ email addresses. Then send newsletters to promote new products or holiday sales.

Best for: Handbags, accessories, apparel, handmade items

Try the Accessories Store template

02. Plant Boutique

Wix eCommerce plant boutique template

This plant boutique template has especially blossomed since our COVID-19 Growth Report found that flowers and plants sales grew 198% since last year.

But this template isn’t just limited to selling plants. Update the images to sell rustic furniture, handmade jewelry, alcoholic beverages, or anything else. Use the already-made product collection templates to categorize your items and help your customers quickly find what they’re looking for.

Check out the flashing header on the top. This useful feature is great for creating an urgency that can be utilized to promote sales or coupon codes that have a deadline. You can also customize this to inform your customers of changes or delays, or to contact you to place an order.

Pro tip: Place a clear call to action (like Shop Now!) prominently at the top of your homepage to guide your visitors straight to your collections and products.

Best for: Plants and decor, handmade jewelry, rustic furniture, boutique items

Try the Plant Boutique template

03. Wellness Store

Wix eCommerce Wellness Store website template

Light up your screen with this neat natural soap and candle store template.

This elegant template is a pleasure to navigate and can be the perfect fit for an artsy boutique, a hemp-based CBD store, or pretty much anything else you want to sell. You’ll be amazed by how much you can change the feel of the website just by customizing the images and gifs on the homepage.

The website template’s product catalog makes it fun to shop, by featuring large product images that zoom in when you hover over them. The catalog also offers shoppers the chance to place items in their shopping carts without needing to visit the product page—removing one more click from the checkout funnel.

soap products Wix eCommerce store template images

Pro tip: If you’re selling low-cost products, give your customers the option to select the number of items they want to buy even in your product catalog. The fewer the clicks, the better the shopping experience.

Best for: Candles, soaps, bath and body products, small-batch beauty supplies

Try the Wellness Store template

04. T-Shirt Store

Wix eCommerce t-shirt store website template

This template is sure to fit your t-shirt business to a T. If you’re just getting in this industry, now’s a great time. The global t-shirt market was valued at over $206 billion in 2018.

But don’t limit your store to just t-shirts. Use this template to sell jewelry, shoes, or other apparel. Easily categorize your catalogs by men and women, and include a sale section for those looking for a bargain. You can also show off your new products and designs right on your homepage so loyal customers don’t have to sift through the whole catalog.

t-shirt store model wearing t-shirt and quick view button example

Another great feature in this template is the Quick View button in the product catalogs. This lets shoppers get a closer look at the product, choose a color, size and quantity and add it to their shopping carts without leaving the page. This helps your customers choose products to buy and then immediately continue shopping.

Pro tip: On your product pages, make your product info, return policy and shipping terms collapsible so that the page isn’t overloaded with text.

Best for: T-shirt, streetwear, casual wear, custom apparel

Try the T-Shirt Store template

05. Home Tech Store

Wix eCommerce home tech store website template

This sleek tech store template is ideal for Wix stores selling a singular product, and makes the perfect platform to introduce the world to your new innovation.

Use the long scrolling homepage to let your customers know what your product can do for them—showcasing its practical features, beautiful designs, and easy-to-use functionality. Besides for beautiful photos of your product, you can also embed high-quality GIFs to let shoppers see the product in action.

Request reviews from experts and customers in the “Expert Reviews” tab. Then create forums for discussions surrounding how to use the product, product care, and other relevant topics. You can also use the “Newsletter” tab to create an email marketing campaign. This will allow you to send promotions, blogs, and product insights directly to your community members and customers.

Wix eCommerce user forum on website

Pro tip: Use the live chat feature to respond to customer questions privately and quickly. Respond to their concerns so that nothing stands in the way from them completing their purchase. Wix Stores that offer live chat earn 8-12 times higher revenue, and those that recommend products to customers via live chat generate 71% more sales.

Best for: Tech stores, gadget shops, specialty electronics

Try the Home Tech Store template

06. Home Accessories Store

Wix eCommerce Home Accessories Store website template

In 2020, as the pandemic kept us housebound, it became more important than ever for us to create a comfortable, beautiful and pleasant living space.

Use the template’s large strips to showcase bold and beautiful photos of your products to inspire your customers to think about how they want to enhance their homes. Notice how the photo remains static as the page scrolls down, so site visitors can get a great view of the image.

The “About” section of the site includes icons to display important details about your products that your buyers need to know. Use this feature to show off what makes your products unique. (Perhaps they’re environmentally friendly, cruelty free or use only local materials.)

Wix eCommerce home website template about us page

While the design is striking due to the images, the site structure is simple, making sure customers focus on what’s important: buying.

Pro tip: Include links to your social media pages on your site’s footer. This’ll let customers follow your store to see new styles or products as they’re released.

Best for: Home decor, artwork, accessories, handcrafted items

Try the Home Accessories Store template

07. Kids Clothing Store

If you’re wondering how to start an online boutique, this eCommerce template is the perfect blend of playful and professional. Use it to sell clothing, toys, children’s shoes or really anything else. What’s important is that you’re having fun.

The design is clean, simple and easy-to-navigate, making it perfect for showcasing smaller, more focused clothing collections to busy parents. The product gallery lets customers filter products by type, color, price or size which makes it super easy for shoppers to locate the exact item they’re looking for. Then, once they make it to the product page, they can scroll through even more related products until they find something they love.

Use the Our Story tab to tell your customers about yourself and why you do what you do. Providing a story can help shoppers feel more secure buying and add a personal touch to your eCommerce site.

Pro Tip: Running a sale? Add a banner with your promotions at the top of the homepage. Add a banner with your promotions at the top of the homepage. On average, Wix eCommerce stores that ran a flash sale in 2020 increased their monthly sales by over 64,000%.

Best for: Children’s apparel, toys, accessories, gifts

Try the Kids Clothing Store template

08. Sporting Goods Store

Wix eCommerce Sporting Goods Store website Template

Get your business in shape with this standout website design. Whether you’re selling protein powders, workout equipment, or something else entirely, this template’s black background ensures that your text and photography will pop off the page.

Keep customers focused on buying by giving them the chance to add items to their cart without even needing to leave the homepage. By hovering their mouse over the product, an Add to Cart option appears that either opens a Quick View lightbox of the product page or places the item directly into the shopping cart. Then their Mini Cart slides in from the right so they can keep track of what they’re buying.

If you’re selling a specialty item like workout gear or foods, incorporate a blog onto your site. Providing exercise tips, articles that explain how to use your equipment, or smoothie recipes for your protein powders, is a great way to boost your SEO and drive organic traffic.

Pro tip: Clean, image-focused templates like these are perfect for stores with small product collections. Pack a visual punch with great photography so that even small collections create a big impact.

Best for: Health and fitness foods, personal care, workout equipment, active wear

Try the Sporting Goods Store template

09. Backpack Store

Wix eCommerce Backpack Store website template

Start your very own eCommerce adventure with this outdoorsy template. Show off your products with this cool, down-to-earth design that lets viewers feel as if they’re immersed in nature. But besides for its obvious beauty, the template offers some great features that will help your Wix online store convert browsers to buyers.

We know that everyone loves a bargain. Draw customers in by showcasing your discounted or sale items directly on your homepage. From there, direct them to the product page and let them check out. If customers aren’t quite ready to seal the deal, let them use the Wishlist feature to save the items they love for when they are ready to purchase.

Pro tip: Include your shipping and returns policy on your site’s footer, where customers can easily locate it.

Best for: Outdoor and adventure gear, backpacks and cycling accessories, luggage, travel accessories

Try the Backpack Store template

10. Beauty Store

Wix eCommerce beauty store website template

Talk about aspirational: even the background colors of this lush template are as smooth as the skin of a pampered spa-goer.

This popular beauty store template goes heavy on mood and keeps the text to a minimum, creating an aesthetic vibe that tells your customers what they can expect without the need for bells and whistles. Sexy, evocative, and minimalistic, this is a great template for promotional messaging as well as an exceptional showcase of luxury products.

Check out the header bar, which cleanly delineates between face, lips, and eyes. This chic, understated approach lets your customers find what they’re looking for and helps inspire them to purchase products across multiple categories.

Pro tip: Add a Related Items gallery to your product pages to upsell products from other categories or curate beauty bundles that combine skin, lip, and eye treatments into all-in-one beauty sets that offer your shoppers value for money. Wix Stores who display Related Items on their product pages get an average of 43% more sales transactions.

Best for: Beauty products, personal care, cosmetics, wellness products, home spa

Try the Beauty Store template

11. Home Goods Store

Wix eCommerce Home Good store website template

Make your customers feel right at home with this elegant and aspirational home goods template. Whether you’re selling furniture, rugs, lamps, or home accessories, this template was designed to make your customers want to come in and stay awhile.

The Best Sellers section on the home page gives you a chance to showcase the full spectrum of your products. Beneath that, a stylish magazine-style layout provides a lifestyle feel that can both embody your store’s brand and create an aspirational feel for your customers. The right product photography can really make this section shine.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of the “Stories” page to highlight home tours, lookbooks, design ideas, and other resources that inspire your customers and let them see your products in action.

Best for: Furniture and home goods, art and decor, lifestyle, interior design

Install the Home Goods Store template

12. Arts & Crafts Store

Wix eCommerce Arts and Crafts Store template

Striking colors, large layout blocks, and an inspiring, can-do motif make this arts and crafts template a masterpiece awaiting your personal signature.

The color scheme speaks for itself, but pay attention as well to the large photo blocks, fonts and distinguished product categories. The spacious layout makes it easy for customers to browse by categories such as age, artistic medium, materials and more.

When inspiration strikes, the last thing you want is to be delayed. This artful and accessible layout allows your customers to find what they need quickly so they can buy with ease and then retire to the studio to bring their vision to life.

Pro tip: Use the drop-down menu in the “Shop” header tab to help shoppers, whether professional artists, craft hobbyists or parents buying children’s art supplies, easily find what they’re looking for.

Best for: Art supplies, hobby kits, classroom and party-planning supplies

Try the Arts & Crafts Store template

13. Toy Store

Wix eCommerce Toy Store website template