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This section is as broad as can be, showcasing our diverse projects, in-depth philosophical thoughts on design, overall inspirations and much more.


Designed for Listening

Music is a huge part of our design process. It inspires us, gets us going and helps push us through those rough times when we're stuck. Each month a different designer takes the spotlight, curating a special playlist to design to. Happy listening.


Designers Abroad

Get your maps and pins ready! Each time one of us travels abroad, we are sure to capture all those special spots and secret places that designers live for. Explore our ever-growing list of destinations and start planning your own adventure.


Designer Interviews

Our team has so many talented and inspiring designers, each bringing their unique experience, personality, and perspective to the table. Check out these exclusive interviews to hear their stories and get to know each of us on a personal level.


The Book & Cover

Don't judge a book by its cover? We beg to differ. In this monthly review, Ella shares her thoughts on selected books by exploring their content and covers, and the relationships between them.


We Love Stock

Throughout our countless image searches, we come across many weird stock images. What do we do with them? The Wix designers’ reenactment of course! If you need cheering up or feel like laughing, be sure to check these out.



Even though each of us would like to think we are very original, when it comes to clothes, that’s not always the case. This section documents all the mornings we walked into the office and discovered some of us are dressed… exactly the same.

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