For every holiday season, there’s a holiday gift season. And what is considered for some a therapeutic activity, for others this might mark an impossible challenge ahead. Good gifting is similar to providing a great user experience – it requires in-depth research, a basic understanding  of good design, impeccable packaging and immediate customer feedback. Good gifting is no less than an art form and with a tasteful receiver on the other end, say a designer for example, it can be hard to get it right. Here’s a carefully curated guide that will make sure you do.

1. A gift subscription

The only thing better than a great gift is a gift that keeps on giving. Not Another Bill is a gift company that invests not only in stylish and original gifts, but also operates one of the most delightful gift subscription services. The shopping experience is sleek and easy to use – you answer some simple questions about the person you’re shopping for, then refine options by choosing gift categories like stationary or jewellery, and then you get to tailor pick specific products that fit the criteria. You can also choose the number of months you want the subscription to last, and the rest is taken care of by the good ol’ mail services.

2. Set of 4 small plates

Any gift you choose from the Marrakesh-based shop LRNCE will most likely be appreciated. But to make your life easier and affordable, go for a handmade set of plates, each crafted uniquely for your favorite designer.

3. Central 23 notebook

The stylish people behind Central 23 took upon themselves the challenge of delivering a whimsical design, with this simple yet super cute notebook. Go for the monstera pink check notebook for a botanical type, the avocado notebook for a millennial and the Beyonce notebook for absolutely every person on this planet.

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4. An Atlas of Rare and Familiar Colour

You really can’t go wrong with this wonderful piece of color literature that catalogues the Forbes Pigment Collection, located at The Harvard Art Museums. Other than a visually satisfying cover that makes for a great coffee table feature, this book holds the stories behind some of the 2,500 pigment samples stored in the collection.

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5. Octaevo x Ölend backpack

Designers are in constant need for a good laptop bag and if your gift receiver is on the lookout for one, consider this collaboration of two mediterranean inspired brands, both based in Barcelona and fans of quality materials and good design.

6. Janus paper vase

If you want to stay in Barcelona for another moment, go for this waterproof paper vase that pays homage to the art of ceramics with a twist.

7. A portable turntable

For the designer who appreciates music, picnics and vinyls, there’s really no better choice than this beauty.

8. Heritage bike helmet

If your gift-receiver is a cyclist, this is for them. This line of minimally designed bicycle helmets is proof that safety, veganism and immaculate design can and should go hand in hand.

9. Concrete totem lamp

Cool Machine is yet another great online destination for unique handcrafted gift ideas. If you’re shopping for a fan of geometric shapes with an appreciation for contemporary design and vintage flare, go for this concrete lamp designed by French artist, Nikita Garrido.

10. Designer beach towel

Slowdown Studio curates artist-designed home goods, like this collection of gorgeous beach towels designed by international artists and manufactured in the USA. This bold beach statement is the ideal sunbathing accessory for the designer in your life.

11. Drifting clouds mobile

Finnish Design Shop is a digital oasis of happiness and good design. With a “less is more” attitude, they prefer aesthetics over materialism and this lovely minimal mobile reflects exactly that approach.

12. Bath & meditation soap & incense set

A sure way to a designer’s heart is by going for atmosphere. This beautifully designed set of incense and soap not only smells amazing, but is created by hand by a social business that provides fair wages, safe working conditions and also gives back to the community.

13. Porcelain cups

Wilcoxson Brooklyn Ceramics is a Brooklyn-based design studio that handcrafted each of these porcelain cups from scratch. The beautiful two-tone look and unique style of each cup make for a great gift.

14. Magazine rack

For the magazine collector (there are a few of those left in the world) go for this floating, minimal magazine rack that adds the final touch to any well-designed space.

15. Gradient puzzle

This gift idea, for the color and game loving designers out there, serves as a meditative experience and a piece of beauty that one can frame or use as a pretty surface. It comes in pink and blue, or green and yellow, if you wish to be precise with your choice.

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16. Goober candles

Staying within the stylish, high-end design realm of Coming Soon, these cute candles were created by the award-winning design firm Talbot & Yoon. Each goober is made into a unique shape and the color choices are delightful.

17. Travel map laundry bags

If you’re dealing with a world traveler who appreciates style, this simple set of travel bags takes packing to the next level.

18. A Parra print

This Dutch artist has a wonderful online shop where you can find his signature style prints, alongside branded homeware and apparel. An original Parra print is always a great gift to receive.