How can you keep your site visitors glued to the screen while scrolling down your one-pager? Hover effects and animated text are powerful tools that will add diversity to any website. Especially when combined with an addictive interactive experience. Tune into this tutorial to discover how to turn your long-scrolling website into a playground, enabling your visitors to interact and explore your content, with animated text, seamless hover effects and more.

Website template for musicians
The website featured in this tutorial

Transform any video into a powerful full-screen header, by layering animated text over your video, like on the website featured in this tutorial. Have a go at customizing the way each letter glides onto the screen, adapting its direction and timing. You can do the same for paragraphs of text, gradually fading in each line as you scroll. Incorporate more sleek movements, by using Hover Boxes to morph your visuals into different designs when sliding your mouse over them. This is also a great way to show off more of your skills and add extra information without cluttering your screen. You could even include a button that interacts on hover and opens up a lightbox – whether to reveal a music player, further details on a specific project or an ‘about me’ section. And for that fun finishing touch – experiment with a smooth moving ticker at the bottom of the page that invites your visitors to check out your social channels.

Ready to create your own online playground? Take a look at this Wix demo-site and have a go yourself.