We like to party, there’s no denying it. If there’s even the slightest opportunity to celebrate something – we’re on it. Opening a bottle of something bubbly, arranging some food, decorating the studio, and preparing something nice as a giveaway. The launch of this blog was no exception, and it was a damn good reason to celebrate.

Testing 1, 2, 3!
We went through a few stages before the official launch of this site, the first being a “soft launch”. That meant only sharing the link (and the excitement) within the design team, before sharing it with the rest of the company, and finally, the rest of the world.
The date was set a few weeks before – Sunday, November 13th. (Maybe I should mention that in Israel, we work on Sundays, as our weekends are on Friday and Saturday. Yup.)

Happy Sundays
I should also mention our design team has a very nice tradition for kicking off our work week. Each Sunday, one of the teams takes on the fun task of arranging a small breakfast for everyone. We gather at 10:00am, grab something to eat and drink, and move forward with the rest of the week in good spirits. Did I mention that we like to party??

For the Sunday of the launch, my team, the Design Dev team, was assigned to the mission. We asked to host it of course – the “Happy Sundays” breakfast would be the perfect event for the soft launch of our blog, where we would unveil it to the rest of the Wix Studio and have a few drinks to celebrate the occasion.

Very exclusive party. Each guest was stamped with the domain name.

Typewriting Machines and Letter-Shaped Cookies
When deciding on a theme, we wanted to make sure that we include some writing elements within our Happy Sunday breakfast. After all, celebrating the blog’s launch meant celebrating the fact we are more than just designers: now we are also writers! We served letter-shaped cookies (in Helvetica Regular, of course), and had two vintage typewriters on display that were dusted off for the occasion. We also designed super stylish enamel pins as a free giveaway for everyone, and of course, had tons of the food and drinks.

Can’t go wrong with Helvetica cookies

Everyone gathered around, took pictures of themselves in the “photobooth” we had set up outside, and once they had some food in their bellies, it was time to reveal the blog. After a few minor technical setbacks (no internet connection at a tech company, can you believe it?), we revealed the blog. Each section and article was shown to everyone, and they all got the respect that they deserved.

Sharing it just among the design team before releasing to the whole company was very special; the blog is our baby, and appreciating it together was the best way to begin its journey into the world.

Can you tell we’re excited? Everyone is seeing the blog for the first time