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Wix and Dribbble ‘Designer’s Mind’ Contest: The Winners

Wix and Dribbble Designer's Mind Contest

What happens when you ask Dribbble’s community of designers to express what goes on in their minds? Here are the results!

Understanding what goes on inside anyone’s mind can be tough. But when it comes to designers, their mystery-of-a-brain really does work in weird and wonderful ways. That’s why we teamed up with Dribbble to host the Wix Playoff: Designer’s Mind. Creatives from all around the world - including freelance graphic designers, hobby designers and more - were challenged to express what goes on inside their minds, using any medium or technique of their choice – from animations, to GIFs, 3D models, illustrations and more.

We were thrilled to receive a stunning array of submissions. But there can only be one grand winner, meticulously picked by a jury made up of creative experts from Dribbble and Wix. So, without further ado, we couldn’t be happier to announce the grand prize winner (drum rolls please!): Charlie, from Dinos & Teacups. This talented freelance animator and illustrator will be treated to $2,000 towards digital design products of their choice, as well as a 2 year VIP Premium Plan and Dribbble Pro for one year.

Here’s the winning piece, by Dinos & Teacups:

Wix and Dribbble Designer's Mind Contest
Illustration by Dinos & Teacups.

The runner-up is designer Muhammad Sajid. A frame from his beautiful animation is featured at the top of the page.

The fan favorite goes to Alexa Erkaeva, with this stunning illustration:

Wix and Dribbble Designer's Mind Contest
Illustration by Alexa Erkaeva

The honorable mentions go to: Omar Elfanek, Or Eitan, Max, Ryan Vatzlavick, OtherPeter, Giga Robakidze, Den Serduke, Itamar, Olga Hashim and Tanya Suhodolska.

A huge thanks to the talented crowd who took part in this Playoff! By exposing the inner workings of your minds, you absolutely blew ours. Check out the full collection of submissions here.

Text Dana Meir

Images Muhammad Sajid

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