Exhibit Your Work at NYCxDESIGN 2018

Want to exhibit your work at one of the world’s most prestigious design events? Wix has partnered up with the American Design Club to offer you an incredible opportunity.

Innovation is a word often used in relation to design. But in a world so saturated with beautiful things, creative people and new ideas popping up constantly, creating something truly unique is not a task to be taken lightly. However, when someone does manage to break the boundaries and innovate their way past limitations, they deserve to be appreciated. That’s why Wix has partnered up with the American Design Club. Together, we’re offering creatives the chance to exhibit at Canal Street Market, during one of the most prestigious celebrations of design – NYCxDESIGN 2018. You could be displaying your work in front of the hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to the event each year.

The American Design Club (AmDC) is a platform for creative brands to show, share and sell their work. They represent a huge variety of brands, each one specializing in a different field, from lighting design, to furniture, to more conceptual projects. Through hosting exhibitions and inviting talented emerging designers to take part, AmDC gives them the chance to grow and gain exposure.

When it comes to empowering creatives and giving them the platform they need to express themselves, we’re on board. That’s why this year, we’re sponsoring the American Design Club’s show: ‘Built’. As the name suggests, ‘Built’ is all about starting from scratch. It’s the process, a method and a decision. It’s a material. ‘Built’ is the tools we use and how we use them. We couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to invite you to participate in the show.

Want the chance to exhibit your work to the world?

Your task: Design and build a functional object that demonstrates thoughtful construction methods and/or material manipulations. Designs must be assembled and manufactured in actual production materials. The end result must be formally resolved, fit for display and sale.

So, if we’ve already got your mind working – don’t hesitate! Check out the full details and apply here for a chance of being one of the talented designers exhibiting in the show. In addition, ten outstanding submissions will be selected as a Wix Pick. Each one will work directly with a Wix designer to build a custom Wix.com website.

* Submissions will be accepted until April 13th, 2018 and winners will be announced on or before April 16th, 2018. The show will be on view during NYCxDESIGN 2018 at Canal Street Market, Manhattan.

Text Dana Meir

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