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120 profitable blog niche ideas and how to pick the right one

120 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas and How to Pick the Right One

So, you want to create a blog that will draw in tons of readers and eventually make you a profit. Good call. With people spending more time online than ever before, a high-quality blog that tackles an in-demand topic could be a very successful endeavor.

That said, unless you’re breaking ground on a very new or different topic, there’s probably quite a bit of competition out there when it comes to this type of website. With this in mind, it’s really important that you consider which blogging niches will help you cut through the noise of everything already out the blogosphere. Let’s talk about why narrowing your focus is so important and then take a look at 120 most profitable blog niche ideas you can write about, and learn how to make a website around.

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What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is a specialized topic area that you’ll be focusing on when writing content. Blogging niches allow you to narrow down your audience and craft content that is much more relevant for them.

As a result, readers are more likely to become blog subscribers and you’ll be able to build authority and position yourself as a thought leader. Plus, you’ll be making it much easier for search engines to identify what your blog is about and increase your chances of ranking on high positions, which in turn will bring even more readers.

There are many types of blogs you can choose to focus on, ranging from the highly technical to the more personal or creative. Some of the most common ways of brainstorming blog niche ideas include:

  • Industry based, such as a cryptocurrency or art blog.

  • Audience based, by targeting audiences like small business owners, SEO professionals or newlyweds.

  • Subject based, like news content and movie reviews.

To understand how popular some blogging niches are, we took a look at traffic to well-known blogs by niche. Bear in mind, not all blogs will reach these traffic levels, but the numbers give some idea of how popular a blog niche can be or get. For example, the fitness blog, Men's Health receives up to 42 million visitors a month.

Looking at food blogging, this study from RankIQ, shows that food blogging is the most profitable niche and it generates the highest median income for this type of bloggers. Food blogs also make up most of the blogs with more than 50,000 average visitors a month, compared to other blog niches. The second highest earning blog niche is personal finance.

The four highest traffic generating blog niches are food, lifestyle, travel, arts/crafts, and they, according to RankIQ, make up 74% of all high traffic blogs.

How to find your blogging niche

As you learn how to start a blog, choosing the right niche is crucial for building a strong foundation. Before we deep-dive into the pool of blog niche ideas, let’s take a look at some questions you should be asking yourself as you consider the different options.

  • What are you passionate about?

  • What do you have the most experience and knowledge in?

  • Is this something that people are interested in?

You’re most likely starting from a place where you have already considered the first two points. After all, you want to find a blogging niche that doesn’t bore you and about which you have a lot of things to write about. The third one, however, will require a bit more external research.

In order to determine the potential reach of a niche, you’ll need to do some keyword research to prove the viability of its topics. Doing so will allow you to determine whether there is enough interest in the content for you to build a successful blog about it. Additionally, you’ll be able to see whether you’ll be able to monetize your blog through ads, sponsored content or a paywall in the long run.

If a blog niche idea can’t check off all these requirements, then explore a different one. Even though the passion and experience might be there, it’s very hard to stay devoted to something that doesn’t reach a significant number of people or make you money.

120 best blog niche ideas to write about

As you set out to start a blog and embark on your content creation journey, take a look at the following blog niche ideas list to see how you can specialize your content on some of the most popular blog topics. We've organized the following 120 blog ideas into 20 main categories:

01. Finance

Money management is something everyone is concerned with, from the adolescent working to get their first credit card to the entrepreneur wanting to exponentially grow their personal savings (see how to start a finance blog). But there are ways to niche down and focus on a particular type of expert content.

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Frugal living

  • Budgeting

  • Saving for retirement

  • Investing

  • Financial independence

  • NFTs

  • Personal finance

finance blog niche ideas

02. Business

Whether your audience wants to learn how to run a business or simply advance in their career, they will always turn to specialized business blogs for advice.

  • Building a startup

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Freelancing

  • Business finance management

  • Productivity hacks

  • Hiring and outsourcing

  • How to start a business

  • Starting an eCommerce business

03. Marketing

Although marketing is technically part of business, they’re certainly considered an entirely different breed of blogs. There are many well-established marketing blogs in the space, so make sure you have a unique perspective or insights to bring to the table.

  • Content marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Search engine optimization

  • Pay-per-click advertising

  • Copywriting

  • Digital marketing

  • Affiliate marketing

  • YouTube marketing

  • Advertising strategies

marketing blogging niches

04. Sales

There are many professionals across many industries who’d be interested in learning how to level up their sales skills, such as sales managers, sales reps and small business owners. As a result, you’ll want to choose a suitable topic niche for your sales blog and target audience.

  • B2B sales

  • B2C sales

  • Sales process and strategy

  • Sales hacks and templates

  • Sales software and apps

  • Sales management

05. Design and development

Having a website is essential in today’s world. With so many people looking to create a strong online presence, it’s no wonder that they’ll need equally powerful content to guide them on how to design their own compelling website.

  • Web design

  • UX design

  • Web development

  • App development

  • eCommerce

  • Website security

06. Technology

Technology is transforming every inch of our lives. As such, it’s an overarching topic that could just as well cater to a business audience as a consumer one.

  • Software reviews

  • Business automation

  • Consumer electronics

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Apple products

  • Android products

07. Education

Education is a good topic to get into if you want a future-proof blog. Whether your blog serves as an academic resource or points your readers to relevant institutions and programs, there are numerous ways in which you can narrow down your focus.

  • Study hacks

  • SAT prep

  • Online courses

  • Language learning

  • College-to-career prep

  • K-12 blog for parents

  • Homeschooling

education blog niche ideas list

08. News

While there are huge news publications that are impossible to compete with as a blogger, there are also creative ways to win in this space so long as you carve out a unique blogging niche for yourself.

09. Entertainment

Traditionally a section within larger news publications, entertainment-focused sites have been rapidly growing with the popularization of social media. Nowadays, this highly popular category has developed a long list of potential blog niches ideas to center your content on.

  • Movie reviews

  • Music reviews

  • TV show guides

  • Celebrity gossip

  • Celebrity interviews

  • Arts and culture

movie reviews blogging niches

10. Travel

Travel blogging is about knowing exactly what your audience’s wanderlust looks like. Keep in mind that photography also plays a huge role in starting a travel blog, so make sure to add visual content.

  • Local travel tips

  • Travel deals

  • Travel hacks

  • RV life

  • Digital nomads

  • Living abroad

11. Food and drink

If you have a strong culinary background or a passion for baking, it makes sense that you want to start a food blog. Rather than trying to write about every single dish or drink you’ve ever tried, focus on a blogging niche and use your blog as an excuse to continuously try new things.

  • Restaurant and bar reviews

  • Homebrewing

  • Baking and cooking tips

  • Vegan recipes

  • Dieting tips

  • Healthy eating

  • Baby and toddler food ideas

  • Recipes

food blogging niche template

12. Beauty and fashion

Trends come and go in the blink of an eye, so consumers are always in need of fresh content and inspiration. Plus, that means you’ll never have to break your brain in search of new topics for your beauty blog or fashion blog, no matter which blog niche you decide to focus on.

  • Product reviews

  • Makeup tutorials

  • Healthy hair

  • Skincare tips

  • Fashion trends

  • Affordable beauty DIY

13. Health and fitness

As people become more mindful about their physical and mental well-being, they’re starving for content that teaches them a better way to live and manage their emotions. This need can be filled by starting a health blog.

  • Self-care

  • Men’s health

  • Women’s health

  • Mental health

  • Sports

  • Workout and exercise routines and tips

  • Coaching tips

wellness blog niche ideas

14. Relationships

There are many kinds of relationships one will have to navigate over the course of their lives and it never gets easier. A relationship blog that’s relatable and empathetic is very likely to resonate with readers.

  • Co-living tips

  • Dating

  • Wedding planning

  • Pregnancy

  • Parenting

  • Navigating divorce

15. Gaming

Games are a well-loved pastime that simply doesn’t get old. From board games to video games, most platforms and series tend to have strong fan bases, which means a very avid readership if you can nail the type of niche content they’re looking for. See our guide on how to start a gaming blog to learn more.

  • Game reviews

  • Gaming tips, tutorials, and walkthroughs

  • Playstation games

  • XBOX games

  • RPGs

  • Board games

16. Science and medicine

Whether it has grounding in our world or worlds beyond, people are fascinated by science, nature and medicine. Most content in these blogging niches requires a close attention to detail, lots of research, and statistical proof—so be prepared.

  • Medical news and breakthroughs

  • Medical condition-specific blogs

  • Psychology

  • Science stories and interviews

  • Environmentalism

  • Outer space

medicine blogging niches

17. Home ownership

Marie Kondo isn’t the only person who can get people excited about what they can do to make their homes look and feel better. And as people spend more time at home, they’re going to look for newer ways to spruce things up in.

  • Interior design

  • Tiny home trends and inspiration

  • Organization hacks

  • Home renovation

  • Moving cross-country

  • Feng shui

  • DIY (do it yourself)

18. Lifestyle and hobbies

This all comes down to what you’re personally interested in, how large of a community there is around it and the variety of content you can cover. It can be anything from book blogging to photography.

  • Photography

  • Writing

  • DIY hacks

  • Arts and crafts

  • Knitting

  • Books

  • Gardening

lifestyle blog niche ideas list

19. Pets

People are in love with their pets… and with other people’s furry companions. As such, animal-centric blogs can serve as valuable resources for pet owners, but can also be entertaining distractions for others.

  • Dog parenting tips

  • Dog training

  • Inspiring pets

  • Adopt-don’t-shop stories

  • Cute animal pics and memes

  • Pet health and wellness

20. Your own journey

Have you survived an illness? Come back from a huge loss? Visited all 50 states in the U.S.? Starting a personal blog to tell your unique story can inspire others who want to hear and learn from you.

  • Successful entrepreneurship

  • Nomadic lifestyle

  • Child-free life

  • Gambling addiction recovery

  • Nightmare client stories

  • Dealing with depression

How to start a niche blog

Once you’ve chosen your blogging niche, build a home for all your written content by taking the following steps:

Which blogging niche is best for you?

Blogging is a vital source of content that not only establishes your brand’s voice and identity, but adds value to existing and potential users by providing them with authoritative trustworthy information that will help them throughout their user journey and engagement with your products/services.

Opyhr Hanan, Blog Growth and SEO Outreach Specialist

The best blogging niches for you are the ones that you're most passionate about and knowledgeable in. It's important to choose a niche that you will enjoy writing about and that provides value to your readers. You should also consider potential profitability, but this shouldn't be the only factor in your decision. Make sure you're an authority in your niche so you can establish yourself as a trustworthy figure in your field.

If you're not sure which niche is right for you, try brainstorming a list of topics that you're interested in and where you think you have something unique to offer. You can also do some research to see what other bloggers are writing about and what topics are trending.

Once you have a few niche ideas in mind, you can narrow it down by considering your target audience and your goals for your blog. Do you want to write for a general audience or a more specific one? Are you interested in sharing your personal experiences or providing expert advice? Do you want to make money from your blog through advertising, affiliate marketing or selling your own products and services?

Once you have a good understanding of your niche, you can start developing your blog content and building your audience.

Here are some additional tips for choosing a blogging niche:

  • Choose a niche that is evergreen, meaning that it will be popular for years to come.

  • Choose a niche that is broad enough so that you have plenty of content ideas, but narrow enough so that you can become an expert in your field.

  • Choose a niche that is profitable. You can do this by researching which niches have high-paying advertising opportunities and affiliate programs.

What are the best blog niches for beginners?

  • Personal development: topics such as self-improcement, goal-setting and time management. Make sure you share your own personal experiences and growth journeys.

  • Budget shopping tips: draw on your own experiences of managing a household budget to write tips for others, including how to find the best grocery deals, or which stores are best for which sale items.

  • Home decor: blog about budget-friendly home decor ideas, DIY projects and organization tips.

  • Healthy living and fitness for beginners: write about simple workouts, include healthy recipes and other tips for getting fit. If this is something you've done with success, so use your experiences as you blog.

  • Freelancing and remote work: share insights into freelancing platforms, productivity tips and work-from-home strategies.

What are the best blog niche ideas for teenagers?

  • Teen lifestyle and fashion: cover the latest fashion trends and beauty tips.

  • Study tips: blog about tried and tested study techniques, time management tips and how to handle stress at exam time.

  • Tech and gaming: blog about popular online games and gadgets.

  • Creative art projects: blog about your own creative projects, include tips for getting started

  • Teen entrepreneurship: write about how teens can start a business of their own, while juggling school work and family commitments

Blog niche ideas FAQ

What are some good blog topics?

Often the best blog topics are those you're the most passionate about and know the most about. It's always easiest to write what you know and to write for an audience you understand. Interested in a lot of things? Maybe focus on blog topics that have been proven to be popular with online readers.

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