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What Happens When a Funny Picture of a Colleague Falls in the Hands of a Very Creative Team

Updated: Jan 17

November 20 was destined to be a day like any other – or so we thought.

At precisely 7:34am, Opher, a software engineer here at the Wix headquarters in Tel Aviv, sent the following image to the entire marketing department.

We, the Community Team, scratched our heads as we asked: Why did Opher send this picture? That round blue towel was a gift given to all Wix employees last summer. But, as we are all well aware, November is no longer summer. Was Opher trying to prove that you could still enjoy the beach well into the winter season? Was he trying to get the rest of us to share our own moments? Or, was this his brilliant idea of the next recruiting campaign for all developers and IT engineers?

It seemed that the whole department had been asking the same types of questions. Finally, a courageous soul broke the silence and decided to reply to this very out-of-the-box email. However, they responded with an image, rather than words. This started the biggest photoshop battle the Wix office has ever experienced.

The battle was opened with this gem. Can you say “Ole”?

Which lead to a “who wore it best” contest.

Celebrity sighting: Opher spotted posing with Jura, the star of our latest campaign in Brazil.

It only took Opher a couple of minutes to become a rockstar.

In an unexpected turn of events, Opher himself joined the party with help of a break dancing friend.

Then, things got weird (er)...

Just in case there was any doubt, the man sure knows how to turn heads!

A quick visit to Rick and Morty’s neighborhood.

Then a quick “trip.”

That moment Opher became the king of the world.

Then mastered the can-can like a true Frenchman.

But then he had to make a choice.

So he chose to save the Galaxy.

In the end, we can all agree that Opher is the real hero of this story.

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By Taira Sabo

Wix Blog Manager

#officefun #viralposts