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These 10 Essential Tips Will Keep Your Website Hot Throughout the Winter

Updated: Jan 17

Ah, the holiday season. No wonder people call it the most wonderful time of the year. The falling snow, the pumpkin spice aroma that fills the air, quality time with family and sales! Exciting times. There’s a lot that goes into preparing your Wix website for the busiest time of the year, but many people tend to forget that it’s equally important to have a game plan for the months that follow as well.

With the festivities slowly winding down, this shouldn’t be a reason to kick back. If anything, a smart move would be to gear up and continue optimizing your site for the next phase; the winter months. Some business owners dread the idea that their site will lose traffic during this time but don’t worry, we’re here to prevent that from happening.

In this article, we’ll talk about some quick and painless practical tips that are easy to implement in order to spruce up your site, keep it fresh, up to date and engaging. 

01. Give your site a facelift

Winter is the perfect excuse to spice things up on your site. Whether you’re looking to do some fine-tuning or a full makeover, now is definitely the time to do it. A little birdie told us that 2018 is expected to give us some stunning web design trends that will really wow your visitors. So, if you want to give yourself a head start, check out some of these delightful picks:

  • Decorative details – Geometric shapes and icons are all the rage. Perfect if you’re looking to compliment the frame of your site and draw attention to certain areas of your page.

  • Animations – Parallax scrolling will continue to amaze us in 2018. Giving your visitors a gliding scrolling effect while showcasing your content at the same time is sure to put anyone in a good mood. 

  • Use authentic images – People tend to connect more to authentic photography. Get rid of the stock images and replace them with real photos of yourself and your staff.

  • Update your navigation – Ditch the conventional! Wix offers some great new navigational tools such as anchor menus or vertical menus to give your site goers a unique browsing experience. You can even create a hamburger menu using a lightbox.


02. Update your important pages

Making a meaningful connection with your visitors is very important. One way to do that is by updating your ‘About Us’ page. This is the perfect place to showcase your business’s strengths, share your personal story and summarize your company’s unique identity. It’s also ideal for updating your visitors on what your business has been up to in the last year and what is yet to come! You can even include an FAQ section to provide quick answers to common customer questions. Another section worth mentioning is your footer which generally contains your contact information. While this might seem minor, keeping your contact information updated is crucial. Go over your email, phone, hours, address and location (Google Maps is ideal for that) so that people know how to reach you. For more excellent tips, check out this article on how to write an ‘About Us’ page.

03. Add customer reviews

Give your site some flare by adding customer reviews. Happy clients (which normally lead to positive reviews) instill a sense of trust in your business which is essential for any site owner. Whether you’re a massage therapist, business consultant, or a family-owned bakery, you will benefit from adding reviews to your site. If you’ve got some free time on your hands, try out the ‘Customer Review’ app from the Wix App Market, which is quick and easy to use. If you really want to impress your visitors, consider adding customer testimonials.

04. Ask for feedback

Just like having online reviews about your services and products is crucial, it’s equally important to have feedback about how your site looks as well as the UX (user experience). It’s always good to receive feedback from those who mean the most to you, even if your site has been live for quite some time. Whether it’s a trusted friend or a valued family member, try to apply this tip every couple of months. Ask for feedback either by email, or try out our ‘Get Feedback’ tool in the Editor!

05. Write a Blog

We all know that the key to a successful, lively site is to have a blog. There are a number of reasons why a blog is beneficial for your biz. Some include: a great way to network, improve your visibility and expand both your professional and personal circles. To help keep your followers hooked, it’s important to be organized with fresh, interesting content ahead of time. While the winter months might be a bit slow, use this time to your advantage as it’s the perfect opportunity to be productive and write your content. You can gear up by adding fellow writers as contributors or host guest bloggers to help you with the load.

06. Add a ‘Get Subscriber’ form

Now that you’ve got the ball rolling for your blog, the next step would be to focus on your subscribers. Once you’ve accumulated a few followers who regularly visit your site, take things up a notch by adding a Get Subscriber form. The beauty of this form is that anyone who signs up will automatically be added to your contact list, which you can then use to send newsletters and updates. This will also open up communication with your subscribers and used to promote competitions, sales and more.

07. Add a social bar on your site

If you haven’t done so already, adding a Social Bar to your site is a great way to connect your visitors directly to your social media pages. Your social bar is the perfect way to display all the different social media channels where your biz has a booming presence. Be sure that the social channels you link to are regularly updated, lively and chock full of conversation. It’s important to show your customers you aren’t snoozing through the winter months.

08. Offer a sale

Just because it’s the end of the holiday season doesn’t mean you should go into hibernation. A great way to keep your site relevant is to have a 48-hour flash sale for customers that still want to take advantage of some seasonal perks. It could be a 1+1 offer, 20% off, free delivery, whatever your heart desires.

09. Optimize your site’s SEO

There’s no point having a gorgeous website if no one can find it online. It’s pretty much like a bottle floating in the wide open sea. So how exactly do you make sure people find your message? Three words: Search Engine Optimization – or SEO for the believers among us. SEO is comprised of a set of techniques that help search engines to find your site and enable it to rank in their results pages. Here’s a quick guide to boost your SEO quickly. Want to know more? Well, It’s your lucky day! We have an SEO category overflowing with pro tips to make sure your site climbs Mount Google. If you need an extra hand, we strongly advise you to try out the Wix SEO Wiz. Need some more convincing? Here’s what Google themselves had to say about the magical Wiz: “For the Wix users, this [Wix SEO Wiz] is a pretty cool experience because they can see their page in the search results immediately after they have created it.” Think of it as your very own tailored step-by-step guide to all things SEO.

10. Incorporate Wix Code

Here’s a bonus tip. For those of you who want to try something new, why not give Wix Code a try. Wix Code is an exciting new solution that allows you to create without limits! Not a coder? Not to worry, you don’t actually need to know how to code in order to use this product. You can dip your toes by creating dynamic pages or custom forms. 

If you do know how to code, try customizing page elements with custom interactions. This means that by adding JavaScript code to elements on your page you can customize their behavior – and much more. Pretty cool huh?

Hungry for more? Why not explore the endless possibilities of Wix Code. 

See? We wouldn’t leave you out in the cold. These 9 tips will definitely make a positive impact on your site and keep it attractive for months to come. Go ahead, give it a go, ho ho, ho!

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By Dana Srebrnik

Community and Social Media Manager

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