The Complete Toolkit for a Thriving Online Business

Online business toolkit

The popular saying that a company or business is only as good as its people is now truer than ever. These challenging times brought about by the novel coronavirus are affecting the very foundation of the workforce and changing the landscape of work as we know it. As many businesses shift the majority of their efforts online, individuals and companies alike are coming up with resourceful solutions to meet emerging market needs.

To help you through these changing times, we’ve put together a comprehensive toolkit for the digital world. Whether you're taking your business online for the first time or looking to reinforce your existing online presence, this comprehensive guide will help you manage and grow your brand - even from within your home.

Here’s what this toolkit includes:

  • Taking your business online

  • Managing your online business

  • Promoting your online business

  • Empowering your online community

  • Creating and sharing your content

  • Working remotely

  • Staying productive

  • Finding inspiration

Taking your business online

How to build a website from scratch

A huge part of any business’s success is having a strong web presence. This step-by-step guide for building your website will help you transition smoothly into the online world.

A selection of professional templates

As a first step in taking your business online, we recommend creating a website. Start crafting your online presence by picking a designer-made website template from this vast collection. Whether you’re creating an online store, personal website or design portfolio, you’ll be able to fully customize your chosen template to make it your own.

Online business toolkit: Website templates

How to create a professional website

This step-by-step guide will take you through the stages of creating a website. It covers the technicalities and details of building a site, as well as recommended branding and marketing strategies to ensure a strong online presence. Learn the basics of web design, visitor engagement tactics and more.

Homepage design inspiration

Your website’s homepage is normally the first page that visitors will see on your site. Whether you’re trying to attract new clients or build brand awareness, making a good first impression is crucial. These 25 examples of spot-on homepage design will provide you with inspiration for crafting your own successful homepage.

Creating your own brand identity

Having a clearly defined brand identity is a fundamental part of a business’s path to success. It encapsulates the brand’s goals, vision and values. Learn about the importance of a solid brand identity and how to create your own, from the initial steps of defining who you are, to transforming theory into practice and creating a distinct language for your brand.

Online business toolkit: Brand identity

Website color schemes

Not only does color have a huge part to play in your website's aesthetics, but color psychology also shows us how different hues and shades can be used to evoke certain emotions. For your inspiration, here are 50 websites with eye-catching color schemes.

Online business toolkit: Website color scheme

Logo design tips

Your business’s logo appears on almost all your marketing materials, playing a central role in your brand identity. However, creating a logo that accurately depicts the essence of your company isn’t always easy. These tips will help take your branding efforts to the next level, covering everything from the initial soul-searching phase to the finishing touches of creating your logo.

Online business toolkit: Create a logo

Tutorials for your Wix website

There’s a lot more to your online presence than just hitting the ‘Publish’ button on your website. This collection of 20 tutorials will walk you through Wix’s most essential tools, covering everything about using the Wix Editor, optimizing your site for SEO, crafting a multilingual site, setting up online payments, and more.

Create virtual events

With guests currently unable to attend large gatherings, this is the ideal time to take your events online. This will allow you to sell tickets and keep your business running strong, while providing your fans with engaging and innovative experiences. Here’s everything you need to know to set up a successful virtual event, from which platforms to use, to how to promote your event and more.

Managing your online business

Update your website

Keeping your professional website fresh and up-to-date can make the difference between an irrelevant brand and a desirable one. Whether you make little tweaks or large-scale adjustments, you can ensure that your content and design are consistently at the top of their game. Remember to inform site visitors of any changes to your business that they should be aware of, such as new services or different shipping schedules.

Online business toolkit: Update your website

Live chat for your business

Proactive communication with your clients can help foster feelings of trust and reliability. Reaching out to customers through live chat allows you to build relationships with customers with the help of automated greetings, lead capture, and saved replies.

Online business toolkit: Live chat

Businesses in light of coronavirus

Many businesses continue to provide valuable services to their customers while adapting to a changing landscape and market. Whether you host events, run a store, or own a restaurant, here are the guidelines and precautionary measures you can take to protect your business and client base, both online and off.

Online business toolkit: Businesses during coronavirus

Best practices for event businesses

Businesses that host events are some of the most affected by the current situation. Events that can no longer take place now need to be moved online, postponed, or canceled and refunded. Here’s how to navigate these different options while keeping your guests informed.

Online business toolkit: Event businesses

A guide for online stores

Online stores face unique challenges during these times. If you run an eCommerce website, you need to address everything from gaining customers’ trust to finding solutions for changes in inventory stock, canceled orders, and more. This article will guide you through the best practices for managing your eCommerce business.

Online business toolkit: Online store

Managing a bookings business

These days, many services cannot take place as planned. If your business operates on a bookings or appointment model, you’ll need to take online whichever services are possible. All other services will need to be canceled, rescheduled, or refunded. This guide will help you to take the appropriate steps while communicating clearly with clients.

Best practices for managing refunds and chargebacks

As many businesses have been impacted by event or service cancelations, this can lead to a growing number of refund requests. Learn about best practices for managing refunds and chargebacks, and avoid a negative account balance.

Promoting your online business

Powerful marketing tools to grow your business

The field of marketing changes rapidly with each passing year, becoming increasingly multifaceted and complex. In light of current events, having a strong online marketing strategy to support your brand is key. In this article, we’ve gathered a collection of powerful tools you can use to power up your promotion efforts.

Online business toolkit: marketing tools

Promote your website - for free

If anyone’s told you nothing in life comes free, it’s because they don’t yet know about these 10 free ways to promote your website. Do you want to spread the word on social media? Free. Start your own blog? Also free. Take a look at these affordable, actionable strategies for building your online presence.

What is a marketing funnel?

Every touchpoint with your customers is rooted in the buyer decision process. Learn how to fine tune your marketing strategy based on the customer journey through the marketing funnel.

How to create a free landing page

Landing pages are essential for any online business, since they drive users toward subscribing to your mailing list, downloading your eBook, or buying from your online store. While the process of creating one might seem daunting, these tips and templates will make the process simple for you.

Social media marketing 101

Our social media feeds have become more relevant than ever, helping people all over the world stay connected. Make sure your brand is part of the conversation by creating engaging posts on Facebook, Twitter, and more. This resource will provide you with comprehensive information about a range of social media promotion strategies.

Online business toolkit: Social media marketing

Get easily found on Google

When people search for businesses online, it’s important they’re able to find you straight away. Improving your website’s position on Google search results isn’t easy, but there are plenty of tools to help you achieve just that. This step-by-step guide will help you boost your website’s ranking, teaching you everything from choosing the right