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Wix Returns to the Big Game for the Fifth Year in a Row

Wix Returns to the Big Game for the Fifth Year in a Row

Have you heard the exciting news? We’re back - for the fifth time running - for this year’s Big Game. We couldn’t imagine missing out on the action. As if our previous campaign wasn’t ‘last minute’ enough, this year we took on the challenge by putting a Big Game spot together in just under 12 hours.

We simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use the country’s most-watched night of television to highlight some of the many professional features available to the more than 140 million Wix users around the world.

Wondering how we pulled this off… again? Or are you curious to know what our Big Game spot looks like? Keep reading to find out all of that, and more.

How it all came together

We love to challenge ourselves and to constantly push the limits of what’s possible. We believe it is the best way to continuously improve ourselves. Thanks to our diverse and robust product, we can turn even the craziest ideas into reality. This time around it wasn’t a question of whether we can do it, but rather how fast we can get it done. As for how we managed to prepare a spot for the game, our CMO Omer Shai has the perfect explanation: “Our vision works across channels so it was easy to take our digital creative and optimize it for the Big Game.” This spot is a true testament of our product, with all of its capabilities and ease of use displayed front and center.

Karlie Kloss shows us how it’s done

To make this all happen, we partnered up with someone who has firsthand knowledge of the importance of a strong online presence. Karlie Kloss, internationally recognized supermodel and entrepreneur, knows a thing or two about creating a website. She has appeared in multiple Wix campaigns since 2017, creating her official website from scratch using a wide selection of Wix features that allowed her to fully bring her vision to life - including a beautiful layout and parallax scrolling. Plus, she is the founder of Kode With Klossy, an organization that creates learning opportunities for young women in tech.

While creating your site is a crucial first step, making sure it’s up-to-date is just as important. In fact, it’s the only way to ensure that you’re ahead of the game at all times. Here, Karlie demonstrates how she keeps her site looking fresh by easily adding new images and displaying them in pixel-perfect quality using Wix Pro Gallery. And because being found online is essential these days, Karlie uses Wix SEO Wiz to get a personalized plan designed to boost her site’s SEO. Ready to see all these features in action? Check out our Big Game spot here:

We’ll see you at the Big Game!

By The Wix Team

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