Wix Shifts into Turbo: Your Site Now Loads Faster Than Ever

Take a look at what is happening around you. You can see it in the news, social media, online retail. We live in a world that strives for speed and efficiency. With 5G around the corner and increasingly sophisticated devices, any information we desire is available in the palms of our hands. As a result, our expectations have grown - and our patience has dramatically declined.

We all expect online data to load as fast as it can. You, me, and of course, your website’s visitors. If you can’t give them what they want, whenever they want it, they will simply leave your pages and find the next competitor.

As part of our effort to provide our users with the most powerful and professional web development platform, Wix has implemented breakthrough technology to drastically improve the performance of all of our websites. So, get ready: Wix is shifting into Turbo, and your site now loads faster than ever.

Read more to discover what it means for you and your visitors.

A unique set of technology for your website’s performance

Our teams have worked on developing the finest technological solutions to ensure optimal performance for every website built on Wix:

Faster interactions: With the integration of smart caching and efficient JavaScript execution, your site’s visitors will see images, videos and content appearing faster than ever on their screens. They can interact much sooner with your pages’ elements and therefore, are offered a smoother browsing experience.

Faster layouts: You have invested a lot of time and energy into the creation of your website. You deserve to have your work appear just as you intended it to be. By utilizing the latest standards in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) functionality, your website is revealed in crisp quality and pixel-perfect definition - all while maintaining a super fast loading time. Expect this level of result regardless of the device or browser of your visitors.

Faster infrastructure: Wix now has four times as many data centers around the world. Wherever your visitors hail from (be it Cape Town, Nepal or Alaska), your website will automatically load from the closest server, for optimal performance.

A major contribution to your online success

As your website loads faster than ever before, you will be able to hook visitors from the moment they click on your link. Why? Picture this: With the data appearing faster, they will spend less time waiting in front of their screens, and more time scrolling through and enjoying your content.

The possibilities of what can happen in those gained moments are significant. A speedier loading time means that your strategic elements (such as your calls-to-action, forms, etc.) are exposed more immediately to your visitors, resulting in higher engagement. Now that your website is shifting into turbo, you can expect to receive more clicks, more orders, and more subscribers - in short: more business for you and your brand.

See how fast your Wix site loads

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By The Wix Team

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