16 Design Quotes to Inspire Your Inner Creative

Whether you’re a graphic designer, entrepreneur, marketer, or almost any other profession, you will find yourself being forced to think outside the box a little, at least a few times over the course of your career. However, living and breathing a creative life isn’t always a walk in the park. Sometimes, we all need a little help finding inspiration to ignite our creative flame. So where exactly is this magical place of inspiration? Pinterest. Why? Because it’s full of ideas and quotes to help you keep your originality soaring. Along with our designers here at Wix (who happen to love Pinterest) we’ve compiled a list of 16 design quotes that are sure to get you feeling alive and motivated. Find what resonates with you, and bring that innovation into everything that you do!

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By Ofra Lior Team Lead of Community Designers

By Jennifer Kaplan Community Writer

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