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This post was last updated on May 10, 2021.

Blogging has long been a popular means of sharing content, and it’s becoming increasingly relevant. These days, when online communication is close to indispensable, more and more people are creating a blog in order to connect with readers worldwide and express their passions, experiences and ideas.

A blog can be a website of its own, or it can be added to your existing site. Whichever option you choose, it will serve as a space for you to share your story. A blog allows you to tell your tale in your own words, and with your own visual language to match.

To help you create a blog of your own, we’ve compiled this selection of eight blog examples. They’re packed with all of the design wisdom you need to transform your blog into one of the best in the business.

01. Zion Adventure Photog

Zion Adventure Photog is a great blog example because of the way its design mirrors its content. The blog posts provide detailed guidance about specific hikes, as well as useful information about activities such as canyoneering and activities for kids. From the written content within, it’s clear that Arika, the creator of this adventure photography website, is in-the-know about her field.

Other features also make this evident. One of those is the rugged, playful atmosphere of the blog, which uses a green and yellow color scheme to evoke ideas of nature and sunshine. The blog’s homepage is rich with images of happy clients enjoying their adventures - visual testimonials that confirm Arika’s skill as a photographer. She further encourages engagement by embedding her Instagram Feed directly onto her site, spreading the word about her service and drawing people deeper into her brand.

Ultimately, Arika’s blog serves a dual purpose: it’s a portfolio of her photography skills, while simultaneously highlighting her knowledge about the Zion area. By turning her expertise into a business, she’s able to make money blogging.

blog examples Zion Adventure Photog Blog

02. GrossyPelosi

Who says blog posts have to be serious? Dan Pelosi, founder of the food blog GrossyPelosi, proves that humor makes a brand instantly lovable. He’s informative as well as entertaining, making his recipes just as fun to read as they are to cook.

Notably, Dan is also skillful at organizing his blog. While the homepage sorts his articles according to the most recent, he also includes separate sections for each of his different blog ideas. His recipes tab, for instance, features chocolate sheet pan cookies and ambrosia salad, while the lifestyle category offers tips on making Easter eggs and maintaining beautiful tulips.

Forming the backdrop of his site is Dan’s creative blog design. With a blue and white checkered pattern and a spaghetti icon in the header, his blog instantly evokes associations with Italian home cooking.

Blog examples GrossyPelosi blog

03. Simply Tabitha

Tabitha's personal blog is a stellar example of how sharing your thoughts and advice online is a powerful engine for building your brand.

She doesn’t simply dish out fashion and beauty advice to her audience of mommas and mommas-to-be; she also hands over the tools to make it all happen with a “Shop the Post” widget. Placed at the end of blog posts, this widget allows viewers to replicate her look. And with Pinterest's Save buttons hovering over each picture, fans can keep her glamorous aesthetic on hand for inspiration.

Take note from this blog example - linking out to recommended products is a great way to monetize your blog and earn some extra cash. If you partner with an affiliate and link to their products in your posts, you’ll get a commission for every sale that comes through your site.

Blog examples Simply Tabitha blog

04. Shot from the Street

What is a blog, anyway? There’s more than one way to answer that question, and Lizzy Hadfield provides an especially photogenic one. This fashion blog example serves as the visual diary of a stylish fashionista and marketing influencer.

Arranging her images and posts in a grid website layout, Lizzy fills up the screen with softly colored photographs that retain a cohesive visual language. This layout looks just as great on her mobile website, too, with the different posts compiled into one long, full-screen scroll.

In addition, she uses her blog as a tool to promote her social media accounts and build engagement with her brand. In the menu bar at the top, she has a separate section called Follow that links directly to her Instagram, YouTube and Twitter pages.

blog examples Shot from the Street blog

05. Lux Living Weekly

Design and lifestyle blog Lux Living Weekly is part of the interior design portfolio of Casa Vilora Interiors. New visitors to the site are invited to subscribe to the blog newsletter via a lightbox that gently fades into view, promising a free design guide for new subscribers.

As CEO of the Casa Vilora design firm, Veronica Solomon writes blog posts about everything from home decor tips to debunking design myths. By clearly defining her core values - those being eclectic, classic, bold, whimsical and timeless - Veronica was able to build a brand and apply it consistently across all assets.

As a result, her website’s visual language and brand identity are also carried over onto the blog. The blog features an elegant font pairing of a serif and a sans-serif font (meaning, with and without little embellishments at the ends of the letters), forming a graceful look. The blog logo was made using the same logo font of the design firm itself, adding to this blog’s great use of typography.

blog examples lux living weekly

06. Suvelle Cuisine

Susana Machado’s blog Suvelle Cuisine merges the worlds of fashion and cooking to produce a sleek, modern aesthetic. With a beige color scheme and contemporary design, she effectively combines several types of blogs into one. As Machado herself says, her focus is on “the most beautiful things in life” - and her combination of food, style and beauty reflects just that.

Her blog serves to supplement her photography portfolio, which is rich with luxurious images of fashion and food. With a recipe for focaccia and tips for spring fashion, her blog provides the context behind her photos.

Well-organized and intriguing blog categories at the top of the page further invite readers to get lost in Susana’s visual documentation of the everyday beauty she finds around her. This glimpse into her world captures the attention of prospective clients and builds her authority in the field.

blog examples Suvelle Cuisine

07. En ville

This blog is a self proclaimed “visual ode to the aesthetically pleasing,” and it’s easy to see why. With a French blog name that means “in the city,” this style and art blog allows its newest post to take up the majority of the first fold. By utilizing the split screen layout, the highlighted story is able to draw readers’ attention and pique their curiosity.

This blog example, run by photographer Sharon Radisch, covers a wide breadth of topics that are of relevance for its audience, from interviews with artists to summer bag recommendations. And as if taking cue from our blog post checklist, En ville has perfected the user experience down to the smallest detail. For example, notice how all external links open in a new window and how credit is always given to the featured models, makeup artists and other collaborators.

blog examples En Ville

08. Brownstone Boys

When approaching the question of how to start a blog, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is whether the blog should be a standalone website or a section within your existing site. Jordan and Barry - also known as the Brownstone Boys - are renovation and restoration professionals who opted for the latter, incorporating the blog into their broader company site.

Their website features several pages to highlight their work and expertise, including an About page, resource pages with renovation tips and design ideas, and a separate page with a photo gallery of their recent projects.

As an integral part of the site, the blog serves as a supplement to these pages. With straightforward but intriguing blog titles like “The Lowdown on Leveling Floors” and “Maximizing Natural Light in Your Home,” the Brownstone Boys effectively highlight their knowledge in specific areas, building trust among prospective customers. This is a great example of the effectiveness of blogging for business and making it a part of your brand’s strategy.

blog examples Brownstone Boys

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