Is Wix SEO Friendly? 10 Questions About Your Website’s SEO

When the idea of a DIY website builder that allowed anyone, regardless of their level of technical expertise, to create beautiful websites, there were more than a few people who thought it was too good to be true – especially with regards to SEO. We all know that Search Engine Optimization is crucial for your website if you want your online business to flourish in today’s oh-so competitive market. This is exactly why Wix continues to go to any length to provide our users a robust platform along with the best tools and guides to make sure users improve their ranking on Google’s pages.

Today, over 130 million proud website owners around the globe use Wix and achieve greatness in search results. More recently, Google also confirmed what we already knew to be true: Wix has amazing SEO tools that can help you improve your website’s visibility. Yet, some people are still asking: what is SEO exactly and is Wix SEO friendly? As a matter of fact, Wix has the best SEO capabilities for your website. In this article, we’re going to address some of the most burning questions around the topic of Wix SEO. Are you ready for this? Let’s go.

Are Wix websites good for SEO?

When it comes to your website’s SEO, search engines like Google don’t differentiate between one website builder or any other content management system (CMS) your site is built on. The key ingredients for great SEO consist of: lots of fresh quality content, a dash of backlinks, and providing the best possible experience for your visitors. All of which are easy to achieve thanks to yours truly. If you're wondering, "Is Wix good for SEO?" just know that 82% of users saw improvements in their Google rankings after using Wix SEO tools.

Bottom line: Wix websites are fully recognized by all the major search engines. This is a good time to recall the words of John Mueller from Google who agrees that Wix websites work fine in search.

SEO settings in Wix

Will my Wix website be found on Google?

Fact: Wix has everything you need to make sure your site can easily get found online. Since one of the first steps to getting found on Google is being indexed, you’ll be glad to know that your trusted friend Wix SEO Wiz is the ultimate tool for making that happen.

The Wiz gained some well-deserved recognition during the last Google I/O 2018 developers conference. Mariya Moeva, Developer Advocate at Google, highlighted what makes Wix SEO Wiz such an amazing tool, referring particularly to the speedy indexation that the SEO solution offers.

“For the Wix users, this is a pretty cool experience because they can see their page in the Search results immediately after they have created it. There is no waiting, there is no wondering, ‘Am I on Search or not?’ Within seconds, they’re on Google.” – Mariya Moeva, Developer Advocate, Google.

For Wiz users, it’s pretty simple. For those of you not acquainted with the magical wizard, you can make sure your Wix website is found on Google by the following steps highlighted in our Google Search Console beginners guide.

Does good SEO cost a lot of money?

At Wix, we are firm believers in all things DIY. And your SEO is definitely one of those do-it-yourself kind of endeavors you can should take on. Why is that? In most cases, your organic traffic – meaning the clicks you’ve obtained without using promotional tactics – will be the main source of website visitors. To make sure you are getting the most bang for your (figurative) buck, making a few tweaks to your SEO settings and content can go a long way. Those adjustments are super easy to implement. How, you may ask? Wix provides you with all the (free) tools and Wix SEO tips you need to improve your ranking in the long run. One of those wondrous tools being, Wix SEO Wiz, your ultimate traffic-getting sidekick.

As you can see, there is absolutely no need to pay a lot of dough to get great SEO results. All you need is some guidance. Good thing we’re here for that too. For more insightful articles and actionable tips, you can check out the Google & SEO section of the Wix Blog. That, along with some of our DIY SEO tips for beginners, and you’re off to an amazing start.

Are Wix’s URLs properly optimized?

-Ring, ring. -Hello? -2016 called, they want their rumor back.

Indeed, hashbangs and ugly URLs are a thing of the past. Now, it’s super easy to optimize your URLs exactly to your heart’s desire. And you can do this for every single one of your pages: from site pages, to product pages and blog post pages. Find out how to change your URL over here.

In addition to this, your Wix domain and website URLs are automatically made HTTPS. This tells visitors and search engines alike that your pages are safe, and visitors’ information will stay encrypted. This is especially important for sites dealing with sensitive information, such as credit card details. Having that additional ‘S’ in your HTTP has become one of the most prominent signals taken into consideration in Google’s search algorithm. Nearly 90% of sites ranking on page one are secure. Therefore, if you’ve got a Wix site, the chances of your site being able to climb those results are better than sites than are not certified.

Are products on my Wix online store SEO optimized?

Everyone knows that any successful online store starts off by having stellar SEO. You’ll be happy to know that Wix Stores offers a plethora of SEO tools, aimed at helping your online store and products to get found online and rake in those profits. This is why, by default, the SEO titles for your product pages are automatically structured according to Google’s best practices. For example, if your online store includes a category named ‘Engagement Rings’, your SEO title will be:

Engagement Rings | Your Online Store Name

You can check this out for a more detailed explanation on changing your SEO settings in Wix Stores. If you’re looking for more tips on how to nail your eCommerce SEO – these online stores will show you exactly how it’s done.

Will the Javascript that my site is built on is hurt my SEO?

When it comes to your Wix website, there’s more to your web pages than meets the eye. Behind the scenes of your drag-and-drop editor, is a complex coded infrastructure that makes your website operate smoothly. As a part of this structure, you’ll find sections of Javascript incorporated into your site’s code. It’s true that in the past it wasn’t so simple for search engines to read and understand those pieces of code. But times have a’ changed, my friend. Google is now perfectly capable of crawling Javascript and will be able to see your site’s content the same way that a visitor would.

Are Wix websites mobile-friendly?

Since more and more people are ‘Googling’ things on the go, the search engine has given mobile sites a lot of importance over the past few months. So much so, that they’ve started ranking sites by judging their mobile version first with something called: mobile-first indexing. This means that, if your website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly version, your site is at risk of losing its cool on the search results. On the flip side, if you offer your site visitors a great mobile experience, your pages will get an SEO boost.

This is obviously great news for Wix users as their websites automatically come with a mobile-friendly version. All you need to do is take the time to make your site look great on mobile screens. This means, adapting your layout so it’s visually appealing, and making it super easy for site visitors to navigate their way through your website.

Get to know the Wix mobile editor in this tutorial to make sure that your mobile site looks exactly the way you’ve envisioned it.

Can my Wix website compete with more complicated websites?

As we mentioned, when it comes to SEO, search engines don’t pick favorite site builders or content management systems (CMS). So even while you may have taken the less-techie route of building a website with Wix, your site still has a great chance of being on Google’s good side.

For those users that have some technical chops on their side, they can introduce Velo elements to further enhance their websites. The integrated development environment enables you to manage data, customize the behavior of Wix components and build web applications, all integrated in the easy-to-use Wix Editor. With Velo, you can easily create a large amount of dynamic pages thanks to database collections. And the cherry on top: all of those new pages will be automatically SEO compliant. Cool, right?

Will the images on my Wix website be found on image search?

We’re glad you asked. There is a huge untapped potential in image results. Think about it: your images are linked to your pages. The more people find them, the more clicks (organic traffic) you’ll be getting to your site – which is great for your optimization efforts. Therefore, if you’ve taken care of the alt text of your images, photos and graphs like a good SEO scholar, then your images will be in Google’s good graces.

Wait, what is alt text? And why do you need it? As Google and other search engines aren’t able to see images as site visitors do, they will refer to the alt text to understand what is displayed there. Once the engine has interpreted the image, only then can it be indexed and brought up as a relevant image result for a relevant keyword.

Filling in your alt text with Wix

Can a free website rank?

Although owning a personalized domain is considered an SEO best practice, this doesn’t mean that a free website can’t rank just as well. As we’ve said repeatedly, content is a major factor in Google’s equation that will dictate the position of your page in the search results. In order to create content that works well for search engines, it needs to fulfill a few requirements. To be well-ranked, your content should be:

1. Informative and useful to the reader. 2. Unique (they can’t find this awesome information anywhere else). 3. Fresh (this means new, or regularly updated).

A great way to create this type of content is by creating a blog, and filling it regularly with original content. If you don’t fancy yourself to be the next Shakespeare, don’t fret, as there’s so much you can write about in a blog. For example, if you’ve got a gardening business you can give tips on how to avoid killing your orchid, or how you can grow your own avocado tree in your backyard. You can then share those with us. Thanks :)

By Ruth Eschenheimer

SEO Content Specialist


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