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The Wix Blog has been a constant source of information to entrepreneurs, companies and freelancers regarding everything from web design to online promotion. Within our group of loyal readers are a couple of specialized crowds, such as photographers and designers. Another new and emerging group? Business owners who want to put an emphasis on their customer service. For that, we’ve created a whole new hub of top-notch articles (released weekly) that focus on the world of customer service. Introducing: the Wix Answers Blog.

Reading and subscribing to this new outlet is an absolute must for every small business owner, as it will serve as a guide to acquiring expert tips and best practices for your customer experience. As a matter of fact, clients have come to expect the highest level of convenience and support along with their purchases. For many, customer service is the ultimate deciding factor if they continue to make future purchases with a company: 91% of customers who had a bad customer experience won’t willingly do business with your company ever again. Think of your level of customer support as a key competitive differentiator. Understanding what your clients want expect is crucial for your brand’s perception in a very competitive market.

So, what’s in store over at this new customer service blog? We’re glad you asked. You’ll be greeted with topics covering various categories like: all the tools available in order to improve your customer support, the best business tips to grow your sales, and the best of digital marketing to strive in the online world. Finally, you’ll learn through intuitive tutorials how to implement Wix Answers – the help desk software we use to assist our own 130 million users every day, and that is now available for all business owners to use. Here’s a taste of some of the articles just waiting to be read by you:

Ready to learn how to take your customer service experience to the next level? Discover the Wix Answers Blog today!

By Taira Sabo

Wix Blog Manager

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