Father’s Day Activities: 10 Memorable Things to Experience with Dad

A typical dad might spend his days working, his nights taking care of kids, and his weekends out in the yard. Dad’s do this because they love their families, but like everyone else, they deserve a day of praise. With Father’s Day coming up you’re probably wondering what you can possibly buy for your dad this year. You could get him another t-shirt like you did last year (after all, he still wears it at least twice a week), or you could create a website with pictures of both of you together. Or maybe there’s a better idea.

Instead of getting dad yet another gift this year why not switch things up and choose an activity you can do together? Think about something he would love to. For your inspiration, we’ve gathered 10 memorable experiences that you and your dad can share together this Father’s Day:

01. Reenact photos from his childhood

Does dad ever talk to you about his childhood? Such as, playing basketball outside with his siblings or learning how to ride a bike for the first time? We’re sure that there are photos to go along with those candid memories. A creative way to shock dad with a well-thought-out gift is to recreate his favorite childhood memories – props, clothing, and everything possible included. Plus, this is an experience he can hold onto as a memory for many years to come.

02. Make his favorite food for breakfast

The best way to wake up in the morning to is your favorite food. Make dad a breakfast he’s always dreamed of on this lovely Sunday, even if it’s a hamburger or pizza (we’re not judging). There are no rules on Father’s day anyway.

03. Record his favorite series or sports game

How often does Dad really get to sit down and kick back with a drink or bag of chips and watch his favorite show or sports team? Well, today is the day. Surprise him with all his favorite shows that are pre-recorded so that he can spend the entire day binge-watching them.

04. Have your own local ice cream tasting tour

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Go on a stroll to the local ice cream shops around town with your dad and taste all the crazy flavors out there. Some you’ll love, some might make you nauseous, but either way, you and your dad will have an extra sweet day full of laughs and smiles.

05. Lend a hand and volunteer together

This day could be a good opportunity to help your community. Do something that makes both of you feel warm inside like, cooking food for a homeless shelter, making blankets, or taking the dogs out for a walk at the animal shelter. There are many ways you can help out your community together on this special Sunday.

06. Plan an outdoor adventure

Many dads love the thrill of outdoor activities, like hiking, camping, and fishing. What’s more, they love it when their kids aren’t sitting on their phones all day long. Take this special day as a moment to plan a weekend trip with dad where you go back to the basics. That means, disconnecting from your devices and spending quality time together.

07. Spontaneously choose the next movie screening

Sometimes, planning takes all the fun out of things, like deciding for hours about which movie to go and see. The decision to be spontaneous at the movie theater can go one of two ways. Whenever you get there, you can decide to go to the next film screening, no matter what the topic is. Another idea is to go the movie you love, then sneak into the next one showing right after (we promise we won’t tell).

08. Complete a challenge or build something together

Anything from solving a 500-piece puzzle to building a treehouse together is an excellent way to warm your dad’s heart. There’s nothing more heartfelt for a dad than sharing the feeling of accomplishment between him and his kids.

09. Treat him to a spa day (he’ll love it)

Although many fathers won’t admit it, they love to be pampered just like everyone else. If you decide to gift dad a spa day, it’s your way of saying you know he deserves a day of relaxation after all his hard work. Make a day out of it by including a fancy breakfast or lunch. Now that is a day well spent.

10. Create a scavenger hunt with a special prize

The thrill of solving mysteries is embedded in all of us. Give dad a gift he will have to work for but have fun doing so. Make a scavenger hunt that involves some of his favorite things, like shooting hoops, mini-golf in the backyard, and more of his favorite hobbies. Then, have the last item in the scavenger hunt lead him to his favorite restaurant or tickets to a ball game – he will undoubtedly love the effort you put into this unforgettable experience!

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By Jennifer Kaplan

Community Writer

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