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These Amazing Pictures Will Make You Wish Summer Lasted Forever


Summer sun, something’s begun. But ah, oh, those summer pictures. (Well-a, well-a, well-a, uh!) Whether you are out there meeting your summer lovin’ or stuck in the office, there’s no denying that this season is surrounded by a special atmosphere. That might be the reason why it is the time of the year where most pictures are taken, although most of them will likely not make it to your photography website.

Summer is a time to create and capture memories. If you look through old photo albums, chances are most of the pictures were taken during this season. And how many of your most cherished childhood memories took place in the summer? Adulthood may put a damper on the joyful magic of summer (hello, long office hours as kids play in the street below us!), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still time to enjoy everything this season has to offer and take some amazing summer pictures. The work of these seven talented Wix photographers will definitely inspire you to get out there and capture those outstanding shots.

To travel is to live, by Ale Sierra

Ale Sierra’s photos are the perfect reflection of the first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer pictures. Paradisiac islands, deep blue sea, endless sand dunes… And, above all, a feeling of peace and wonder.

Ale manages to evoke these emotions by giving her photos a delicate processing treatment that results in vibrant yet soft images. This remarkable balance is what draws viewers attention, at the same time it differentiates her work from any others’. We must warn you, looking at these photos for more than a few seconds may result in the purchase of plane tickets to your dream vacation.

deserted island with palm trees seen from the sea water

overview of the blue sea as the waves meet

brown sand dunes and three camels

Keep your friends close, by Brad Damms

What is summer without a best friend to share it with? Brad Damms is lucky enough to have not one, but two best friends to share his adventures with. Sapphire and Bandit know how to enjoy summer to the max, and have also mastered the art of posing for stunning portraits.

The endless energy of these two partners in crime leads Brad to countless escapades across country and coast. He photographs this duo as they explore the forest, splash in the sea, and admire the sunset – all while creating invaluable memories. The results of these adventures will warm your heart more than any heatwave could ever do.

two cute dogs sitting on a field full of flowers

two dogs on the beach shore during the sunset

silhouettes of two dogs sitting on the grass watching a beautiful cloudy sunset

The city looks so pretty, by Christian Hinkle

Few are able to capture the spirit of a city as well as Christian Hinkle. He travels across the United States taking beautiful urban photos of each area that he visits. Christian’s portfolio is a wonderful source of inspiration for those who are spending their summer vacation exploring new cities.

Christian’s website is also a great example of how you should showcase your photos. For each city he visits, he chooses a small selection of images to include on his portfolio. By doing so he avoids one of the most common portfolio mistakes: choosing quantity over quality. He also manages to keep viewers engaged as they quickly browse city after city.

colorful buildings with beautiful letter signs

palace seen from the fountain water

pier leading into the sea water during sunset

Take the scenic route, by Dino Rovolis

There is a unique calmness surrounding Dino Rovolis’ photos. They feel like a road trip that you would like to last forever. Dino’s beautiful treatment of light and color result in summer pictures that transcend the screen and make you feel as if you were actually there.

Bringing this characteristic aura to life is actually a core part of Dino’s creative process. In his portfolio, he explains that the manipulation of colors, shadows, and angle are the strongest part of his work. He goes on the explain that music helps him channel the energy and vibe he wants to translate into his imagery.

blue sea seen from the edge of a cliff

misty green mountains and blue river

sunshine passes through a green tree full of flowers

Vitamin sea, by Felipe Silva

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Felipe Silva’s life has been connected to the sea. This bond allows him to capture its essence in a whole new level. Lookin at his work, it’s easy to understand what “saltwater cures everything” means.

The beauty of his photos makes it hard to believe that he has not spent most of his time mastering his technique. Yet, he has dedicated most of his life to water polo. He even went on to participate in the 2016 Summer Olympics. This goes to prove that passion can be found at any time in life. And that hard work and dedication leads to amazing results.

beach sunset with mountains and city on the horizon

perfect turquoise sea wave

colorful sea sunset moved long exposure

A new perspective, by Thomas Lefebvre

Spending summer in the city may seem like the end of the world, but don’t let it limit your creativity. Thomas Lefebvre’s work captures urban life in a way that will inspire you to make the most out of your location. His street and landscape photos are the perfect representation on how to get to know each place in order to shoot its true beauty.

What does your city look like from above? Find the highest overview to uncover a whole new perspective of the places you see every day. Start looking up and discover breathtaking angles you never noticed before. Sit down and spend some time people watching. Every moment you stop to take in the city is a step closer to the perfect shot.

aerial overview of the city and its green fields and blue river

skyscrapers and blue sky seen from below

two girls sitting by the beach with their bikes parked in front of them

Pure energy, by Lisa Paarvio

As much fun as doing sport is, taking great sports photos is no child's play. Every action lasts a mere fraction of a second, and getting the perfect shot requires a lot of patience and fine hand-eye coordination. Lisa Paarvio’s work shows just how amazing the results can be once you master both of these skills.

From motocross and climbing to surfing and biking, Lisa’s portfolio includes just about any sport you might be thinking to take on this summer. If you would rather be safe and sound behind the camera instead, her work can be an amazing source of motivation to explore new genres, compositions, and techniques.

From motocross and climbing to surfing and biking, Lisa’s portfolio includes just about any sport you might be thinking to take on this summer. If you would rather be safe and sound behind the camera instead, her work can be an amazing source of motivation to explore new genres, compositions, and techniques.

motocross rider leaving a trail of dust

surfer jumping over a large wave

Ready to introduce your portfolio to the world? Create a free photography website with Wix!

By Judit Ruiz Ricart

Photography Expert for the Wix Blog & Social Media Team

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