3 Online Professionals Who Chose Wix for their Businesses

When Wix was founded back in 2006, the vision was to create an easy, do-it-yourself platform where anyone could build a website. We’ve come a long way since those early years working barefoot on the roof of a dilapidated building, and we’re proud to have created the world’s leading website builder. Since then, not a single month has passed without a new and exciting feature being released to meet the ever-growing needs of our users. Web design, SEO, eCommerce, coding… today, you can do everything on your Wix website. In fact, the platform offers such a high level of sophistication and versatility that many seasoned professionals from the digital world

choose to work with Wix.

We took the time to catch up with three of these professional agencies — an SEO company, a web designer, and a developer — to learn a little more about what they do and why Wix is such a great solution for them, and their clients.

SEO Agency: Wallaroo Media

Wallaroo Media has been in the SEO business since 2009. Their job, put simply, is to help their clients rank high on Google searches and earn them more phone calls, visits and sales. As a professional SEO agency, Wallaroo has hundreds of clients in a wide range of industries and while they work with big name brands like Disney, IKEA and the NBA, they are also masters at promoting local SMBs. Wallaroo was immediately impressed when they started working with Wix. “It’s very, very seamless,” said founder Kade Hendershot, adding that he would definitely recommend the platform for local businesses. Here’s the story of how Wallaroo helped one small business owner triple the traffic on her Wix website.

After retiring from 41 years as a first-grade teacher, Ellie Roden decided to dedicate her time to her greatest passions — gardening and art. Combining the two, she started designing unique pressed flower art, notecards and bookmarks. As interest in her work blossomed (pun intended), she set up her own small business and website, Vermont Pressed Flowers. When Wallaroo began working with Ellie in 2017, she was getting about four or five calls and emails a month. Fast forward six months and those numbers have skyrocketed. She now receives an average of three to five calls a day and her site ranks #2 for pressed floral art and pressed flower art for sale on Google.

To help boost Ellie to the top of Google for popular search terms like 'pressed flower art,' Wallaroo added targeted landing pages to her website. The Wix Editor enabled them to quickly update Ellie’s meta titles and descriptions and add keyword-rich content to all her webpages — crucial steps when it comes to search engines optimization. A huge benefit of the platform is that Ellie could implement many of Wallaroo’s suggestions on her own. For example, blogging was a major part of the SEO strategy. Wallaroo created a blog publishing schedule, filled with SEO-friendly article ideas, and Ellie had no trouble writing and publishing the posts in a few simple clicks.

Wallaroo’s approach worked like magic. Ellie told us: “Moneywise, it is a big increase! There has also been a boost in inquiries for special orders and subscriptions to my newsletter. The SEO work done has been so valuable for my business.” Meanwhile, Wallaroo looks forward to working with more Wix clients and helping businesses large and small work their way up Google.

Design agency: Awaken Studio

Karen Sokolow never imagined she would become the owner of a New York City-based design agency, taking on big name clients, managing a staff of designers and handling projects for tens of thousands of dollars. She studied marketing and kicked off her career as a regional manager at TenBis, an Israeli-based high-tech company which had offices in NYC. It was there, while working on an online ordering app, that Karen first encountered Wix.com. She quickly fell in love with the interface and became savvy at working with the website builder. In 2014, Karen quit her job to focus full-time on web design. Less than four years later, she manages Awaken Studio, with offices in Manhattan and an active client base of over 100 businesses around the world. Her company provides web design solutions, branding packages, content strategy and more.

As seasoned web designers, Karen and her team are big fans of the Wix Editor. It enables them to build sleek and complex websites with sophisticated features, and it provides endless creative freedom online for professional designers.“There are so many “wow” features, from video backgrounds to parallax or columns. Plus, you can manipulate all these features in so many ways, and it’s so much fun to play with.” Karen also appreciates that Wix goes the extra mile and takes into consideration her needs. “Wix really listens to us and to what we need,” she said. “There isn’t another company I know of that sits with experts, takes their feedback into consideration and changes the product accordingly.” Last but not least, Karen loves that the designs her team builds are immediately live, functional and easy to update.

The platform is also fun for Karen’s clients, who love that they can make changes on their own, even after the website has been delivered. Karen sees firsthand how the websites she creates have quickly boosted business for many of her clients. Take Tami Goodrich, owner of Little Legacy Portraits — a photography studio specializing in classic, archival portraits of young children. Karen’s studio designed Tami’s website in 2016 and it totally transformed the business. In addition to a stunning layout to showcase her photos, Karen has added new capabilities to the site as the business as has grown. In fact, she has turned Tami’s website into a powerful sales assistant — with features like Wix Bookings to take appointments, a blog to establish Tami as an expert in her field and auto-generated coupons to help attract more clients. Awaken Studio made sure that as Little Legacy has grown, the website has grown right along with it.

As for Karen, she attributes her studio’s success to Wix: “It was an integral part of making me an amazing web designer. I know the principles and I have the ability to design on any platform, but I much prefer to use Wix. Wix is home.”

The town of McAllen sits on the southern tip of Texas, hugging the Mexican border. In this small city of 130,000 people, $3/hour wages are common and in 2011 it was listed as the poorest metro area in the nation. It is here, despite this challenging environment, that Nayeli Gomez has built a wildly successful web development business, an active YouTube channel and a recognized brand.

Developer: Totally Codable

The town of McAllen sits on the southern tip of Texas, hugging the Mexican border. In this small city of 130,000 people, $3/hour wages are common and in 2011 it was listed as the poorest metro area in the nation. It is here, despite this challenging environment, that Nayeli Gomez has built a wildly successful web development business, an active YouTube channel and a recognized brand.

How did she get here? Like Karen, Nayeli found Wix by accident. In 2010, she landed a job in the trucking industry and was asked to build a website for her company. She had, until this point, created exactly one website, but she figured: How hard can this be? She threw herself into the job and, over the course of the next seven years, worked her way up to oversee 50 people and manage more than 50 websites. But along the way, Nayeli had discovered her true passion — and it was in web design. She became a pro at working with the Wix Editor and started participating in forums and groups for Wix designers.

In 2016, Nayeli applied and was accepted to the Wix Ambassador program, and shortly thereafter she made the leap to leave her cozy job and focus on web design full time. She was invited to become an Alpha user for Wix Code (now Velo by Wix), a top-secret and still-in-development product that Wix was creating. How hard can this be? Nayeli thought, despite the fact that she had zero development experience and no coding skills. Nayeli read everything she could find about Wix Code, a new feature that lets you build web apps, create robust websites and set up databases on Wix. She consulted forums and how to articles, support pages and Facebook posts. She learned about databases and PHP. She began to decipher lines of code by thinking of them like algebra. If this sign does this, then I must need to put it here, she thought. She asked a million questions. And she almost quit. But she didn’t.

When Wix Code was released to the public in July 2017, Nayeli was one of most knowledgeable people about the product. She soon realized that many designers and users were unaware of the capabilities of Wix Code. Nayeli had an epiphany: She could create a YouTube channel filled with video tutorials. “It’s easier when someone shows them the answer. People want to see the answer, not read it.” Nayeli launched her channel with what she describes as a “long, really bad video.” In the clip, she doesn’t speak like a developer. Instead she says, “I explained Code in my own language and shared it with Wix experts.” Well, her viewers loved it! And they asked for another. And another.

Today, her phone rings off the hook, her email inbox fills up with hundreds of messages a day from potential clients and she has so much business that she decided to create Totally Codable, a website where she funnels some of her leads to other designers and developers. Plus, she also created a community of designers and developers, organized around her active Facebook group and the Totally Codable website. Anyone interested in learning about Wix Code can access templates, resources and expert users.

Nayeli believes in the power of communities and in sharing knowledge. “This isn’t about me. It’s about everybody else. I give people the answers and I encourage others to do the same.” It’s this caring spirit and the ensuing great karma that have helped her succeed. Other Wix Experts pitched in to help create her logo and the intro for her YouTube clips. Nayeli hopes more people will pass it forward. “If you figure something out, post a video, share it. Keep the love going. If we all work together, we can make some really great things on Wix Code.” Nayeli is booked through the end of 2018 so if you’re looking for some coding help, you may want to check with some of these other great Wix Coders. But despite her insanely busy schedule, she’s loving every second of her work. Nayeli told us, with a smile on her face, “I love what I do. This isn’t a job. I am living the dream. I am living my dream.”

By Rachel Kaplan

Editor, Wix Content Blog

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