14 Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas for the Best Mother’s Day Yet

Have you ever googled “define mother?” The verb’s definition is to “bring up (a child) with care and affection.” As in, motherhood is about so much more than just giving birth to a child. But you know this already, which is why in just three days you need to present her with something that shows you do. Something that shows that you are oh so grateful to celebrate her presence on so many levels. You want to cherish her on Mother’s Day because she’s the person that played a big role in making you, you.

However, like many years in the past, you’ve put off this important task until the last minute. We get it, life is busy and you can’t afford diamonds every year. Yet, gift giving, like creating a website, doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be a last-minute craft idea which gives the illusion that you’ve been planning it for months. Here are our top picks of last minute DIY Pinterest ideas that your mom is bound to love (and not the kind where she pretends she does just because of her unconditional love for you).

Wix Mother's Day Gift Idea: Pinterest Inspired Blooming Monogram DIY

Almost nothing says ‘I love you’ more than flowers – unless you’re actually writing ‘I love you’ with flowers. These DIY monogram flowers say what a bouquet of flowers just can’t, literally. And with Mother’s day and spring happening concurrently, it will instantly brighten up her house.

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Pinterest Inspired String Art

Break out your inner carpenter skills – or just grab a plank of wood, hammer, nails, and string – to create mom a string art masterpiece. This gift will definitely take more than five minutes, but it’s worth it because it will last forever. It’s the year to really hammer in on how you feel about her.

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Pinterest Inspired Card Deck

How often do you tell your mom everything you love about her? How about everything that you are thankful for that she’s done for you? Well now is your chance to sit down and write out 52 reasons she really is the world’s best mom. Disclaimer: this isn’t a game, take it seriously ;-).

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Pinterest Inspired Picture Frame Flower Vase

A gift that fills two needs with one deed. In other words, it gives Mom two gifts wrapped in one. These are flowers she’ll have a hard time tossing once they wilt (we suggest using fake ones).

Wix Mother's Day Gift Idea: Pinterest Inspired Reasons I Love You Gems

Here’s another way to tell your mother how many reasons you love her – while also making her work for it too. Each colorful gem can display a different affection you have for her, such as, ‘your laugh,’ ‘your smile,’ or ‘the fact that you tolerate me on a daily basis…’

Wix Mother's Day Gift Idea: Pinterest Inspired Hand-Made Jewelry Dish

Your mom’s arms (and hands) were always open to you in life. So, why not lend her one of yours? This jewelry dish is simple to make, adorable and useful. Plus, nothing beats a ‘handmade’ gift.

Wix Mother's Day Gift Idea: Pinterest Inspired Floral Herb Perfume

Does mom have a favorite flower scent? Maybe she grows it in her garden? No matter your level of expertise, you can easily make this DIY floral perfume with minimal ingredients (like the flowers from her garden, if she doesn’t catch you). It will look great in the restroom too since it works as both an accessory and an all natural air freshener.

Wix Mother's Day Gift Idea: Pinterest Inspired Polaroid Photo Magnets

Your mom has probably acquired a lot of fridge magnets over the years, but none like these. Surprise her this Mother’s day and cover the whole fridge in polaroid memories. It’s a simple and heartfelt idea that she’ll be able to cherish every day (more than she can say for those 10 takeout menus).

Wix Mother's Day Gift Idea: Pinterest Inspired Hand-painted Mugs

All those years of sponge-painting as a kid have finally paid off. It’s so simple and fun to make these painted mugs. Likewise, next time your mom is tired of dealing with you and goes for her afternoon coffee, this mug might change her mood.

Wix Mother's Day Gift Idea: Pinterest Inspired Homemade Necklace

If your mom treasures jewelry, she’ll love an original necklace by the one and only you. Besides, if we’re really talking last-minute ideas, this one is spot on. Just pick up a packet of wood letters from your local craft store, a necklace chain, and paint. Dip the letters in paint in any way that you desire, have fun with it.

Wix Mother's Day Gift Idea: Pinterest Inspired Scrabble Letter Art

It takes effort and commitment to beat your opponents in Scrabble. And all of this only to destroy all the crazy words that you created in the end. With this Scrabble Art, the words won’t go to waste after all. Plus, you’ll earn more points with your mom than you ever did with any triple-word.

Wix Mother's Day Gift Idea: Pinterest Inspired DIY Colander Planters

Although your pasta might be sacrificed, colanders arguably make the best planters. With a few materials, including beautiful flowers and vines, you can create a charming accessory for your mom’s porch or window. We recommend painting them bright colors to get in the mood for spring.

Can you believe you’ve made it all the way to #13 and we’re just introducing chocolate crafts now?! Here’s a chance to tell your mom that you are amazed by her superpowers and that you understand no Mother’s Day gift is complete without chocolate.

Wix Mother's Day Gift Idea: Pinterest Inspired Mommy Survival Kit

Like a first aid medic, there are also many hazards that come with being a mother. Make sure yours is prepared for whatever stress you’re going to cause her that day with this Mommy Survival Kit. Keep in mind, chocolate is once again a high priority here.

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