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Words Matter: Introducing the Wix Blog for Professional Content Writers

Calling all writers — this one’s for you. We’re thrilled to tell you all about Words Matter, our brand new Content Writers’ Blog, dedicated to the art of writing online.

At Wix, we have a content team with over 70 talented writers who create text for marketing, UX, knowledge base and more — in 17 different languages. Coming together from all over the world, we have one thing in common: we’re passionate about writing and we love what we do. (Oh, and wine.)

So, a few months ago, we had a light bulb moment. We started Words Matter to share our experiences with the world, both good and bad.

Our goal is to write articles that help, inspire and motivate those of you who write online — or dream of doing so. The writing is honest, the tips are to-the-point, and the insight is all plain and unadulterated Wix.

Intrigued? Check out a few of our favorite posts:

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  4. How to Nail Your Writing Interview

Wix has been around for 11 years, and it’s been an adventure writing for a startup that’s grown into a global company with over 120 million users. It’s exciting, fulfilling and definitely challenging.

We believe in the power of words. How writing can lead to action and catalyze real change. And we’re lucky to be part of a company that understands how much words matter.

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By Nora Ginio

Head of Content Writing

#ContentWriting #CopywritingTips #OnlineWriting


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