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The Best Viral Videos We’ve Seen on Social Media

The Best Viral Videos We’ve Seen on Social Media

Thanks to Facebook, Instagram and co.,  it’s easier than ever for original and impressive creations to reach a massive audience across the world. The Internet is a crazy playground full of wonderful and weird creations. Some of these impressive videos gain virality, reaching millions – and for good reason.

Luckily for us, many of these talented artists also happen to be Wix users. They may have been featured in big publications like Bored Panda and Insider, but we’re proud to be the website builder of choice for these masterminds. We know you’re waiting with bated breath to dive into these viral videos, so without further ado, here are five talents who scored a well deserved A+ for originality and creativity:

The cutest block prints ever

Lili Arnold’s art is as soft and uplifting as a gentle breeze on a sunny spring day. It’s hard to ignore the positivity and cheer that pours out from her creations. Whether it’s printmaking, pattern designs, or visual content created for her social media marketing, the use of flowers, plants, and animals are always present. Lili has already presented her art at various exhibitions and events throughout California. We’re certain after just one glimpse of Lili and her cheerful work you’ll want a piece of her art for yourself (Good thing she has an online store with her full collection) >>

Crazy delicious cheesecake… on a stick

Peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, bacon and eggs: some food combinations will never change. They are classic (and delicious) for a reason. But sometimes, a new pairing pops up from the creative minds of some very hungry people. That’s exactly what happened to the team at Heirloom Toronto Food Truck. While they have a vast menu, they are most known for their irresistible cheesecake on a stick combo dipped in ganache and various toppings. Can you say: dessert heaven? The Toronto-based food truck proudly delivers high quality, fresh food that’s made from scratch using only local and organic produce. Try not to drool too much as you watch their food dreams become reality >>

Mind blowing calligraphy

From Canada, we move down south, all the way to Australia – the home of Mae Nguyen, a mesmerizing artist. Seeing Mae in action is a jaw-dropping experience, as she demonstrates her bursting talent for typography and calligraphy. Her precise movements and the extremely aesthetic results are so impressive, it’s no wonder there’s always a “K” next to the number of likes on all of her photos and viral videos. Following her success, Mae has branched out and created her own line of pens that people can purchase through her site. If her skills were not impressive enough, Mae is also a social media wizard. She provides diverse, high-quality content on a regular basis to her 77,000 Instagram followers. We guarantee that Mae’s hypnotic-like art will keep you captivated for hours >>

This fluid art is truly hypnotic

When Rachel Penton is not teaching neuroscience, this California-based artist experiments with a number of different techniques that make up a style she calls “fluid art.” Her creations look like an abstract (yet colorful) storm that aims right for the heart. While the final result is impressive, the real mesmerizing part is the process that leads up to the finished piece. In order to appreciate the full experience, dim the lights, turn on the sound, sit back and enjoy the wonders of Rachel’s captivating art >>

The art of rock balancing

The online world is full of “noise.” People are willing to do the craziest things all for the chance to pop up in your news feed. A guy riding a horse that breathes fire? Meh. In the midst of all these adrenaline junkies, our next user choose to do the exact opposite. Kokei Mikuni is a Japanese rock balancing artist. If you’re not familiar with the concept, he creates perfectly balanced, impressive towers out of rocks he finds by waterfalls. After spending hours each day practicing, Kokei has become a true ‘rock’ star. These artistic sculptures transport you to a world of calm and serenity. It may take Kokei hours to build his sculptures, but you can find your zen within in just a couple of seconds of watching him >>

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By Chen Attias

Community Manager


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