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Web Design \ FEB 14th 2018

How to Design a Website Your Visitors Will Instantly Fall in Love With

Some say that love is nothing but a chemical imbalance in the brain. You might say the same for marketing, which uses all the tricks in the book of human psychology to ultimately get you to buy. Unsurprisingly, one of the strongest elements of any marketing campaign today is a complete, professional website. This article aims to explore how you can increase the love potential of your business site, and help your clients reach a fantastic .org…

From a better communication flow to unexpected promotions, here are the best techniques to make your business “the one” for your customers. Ready your bow, Cupid!

Go for ‘love at first site’

When someone visits your website for the first time, this should be the moments where you can expect the real magic to happen. You know, when sparks fly and your heart is beating like a drum. But only a great design can make this happen. You want to make sure that your website is dressed to impress. Show customers that you keep up with the latest web design trends – but that you’re not a total hipster. Remain true to your personal style. This will help you stand out in a sea of the same. For example, make sure your fonts are legible, your color palette speaks to your brand and naturally grabs attention.

On top of looking good, your website has to look sharp – and this, from any device and any angle. Which means, of course, that you need to first check that all of your pages are mobile-friendly. You also want your essential visual content and most important content (like your titles and CTAs) to visually stand out. Why? According to studies, it takes only a couple of seconds for the average Internet user to make a decision before staying – or leaving – your website. You could say that going to a new website is a lot like a Tinder date: it doesn’t take long for the first impression to set in, resulting in a left or right swipe…

Love & Design: Love at first "site"

Extra: Sometimes laying it all out on the table is not the best route. If someone gets information overload, you might send them running! Make sure you manage enough white space around your crucial content. Of course, you want to offer information so that they don’t have to start their own investigation to get answers they’re looking for, but having an air of mystery will make sure they’ll want to continue to explore.

Speak their language

As mentioned above, it’s important to look the part. If you’re confident, you won’t trip on your feet. But be equally as sure you won’t trip on your words. The messaging on your website should be clear and concise, as if you were communicating with your customer in their own language. Make it as though you are speaking directly to them and not at them. It’s always been a marketing good practice, but even more so since social media platforms took over, and customers want to feel like they belong to a community – and not to a brand. If your messaging sounds like it’s coming from a corporate marketing department, you’re probably trying too hard – or not hard enough. Conduct some research on how your target audience speaks and writes, by checking their own social media accounts, the press in your area, going to conferences, and also having a sneaky look at your competitors’ websites. You certainly don’t want to rush this part.

Extra: What better way to speak your clients’ language than actually using and showcasing it? With the Customer Review app, you can easily add testimonials to your website to show the love your customers give back to you for others to see!

Say ‘hey’ regularly, but don’t come off as needy

So your first interaction with your customer went well. Great! Now it’s time to play the waiting game. We know it’s hard, but it’s for the best. When it’s time, an easy way to say hello is to treat your customers with an email. Luckily for you, preparing and sending a newsletter with Wix Shoutout really couldn’t be easier! It’s a great way to keep your business in their minds. For example, you can encourage them to read your new blog, or check out some items that have recently gone on sale.

However, knowing when not to communicate is just as important as knowing when to. Much like that friend who sends you a text bomb of eight messages when you were minutes away from dozing off (and you forgot to silence your phone), sending too many newsletters will more than likely frustrate the recipient and you’ll end up being ignored.

Let them know when you’re ‘available’

We know you’re busy. You know who else is busy? Your customers, and they don’t have time to wait around for you. Being there for your customers when they need you shows reliability, and that’s a quality that isn’t easily forgotten. So, make yourself as available as possible when they need you. You can do this in several ways:

An FAQ: Anticipate their needs with a well-fleshed out FAQ. Providing your customers a thorough set of answers to common questions will not only help build trust, but it will also keep you from having to personally answer simple questions multiple times a day. Convinced? Here’s how to create a killer FAQ page.

Love & Design: FAQ Page

A contact form: For any miscellaneous questions or special requests make sure you have a form that your visitors can fill out at any time that is convenient for them. Personalize any form to suite the rest of your sites’ look and feel. This genius contact app is exactly what you need for your customers to reach out to you!

Live chat: Looking to get serious? Then don’t even try think that just an FAQ will woo them over. The courting process can be an arduous one and if you don’t provide a real form of contact, it shows that you’re just not ready to take the next step in commitment. If you really want to be there for your customers, the Wix Chat is where it’s at! Wix Chat allows your customers to ask questions while they are visiting your website. The setup is essentially effortless and you’re notified from the Wix mobile app anytime someone has a question for you so you can answer back in real time!

Social networks: It would be silly to think your customers stop using the internet after they’re done visiting your website – so don’t act like it. Have business accounts for all of the major social networks and build your community. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and co. let your existing and potential customers see a more ‘fun’ side of your business, but it also provides another place for you to help them with whatever they need.

Surprise them with a discount

We’re all guilty of playing favorites sometimes, but when it comes to your customers, don’t hold back! Show the most loyal of your patrons how much they mean to you with an exclusive discount that only a limited number of people will receive. Even if the discount goes unutilized, you’ve put in the effort to say and show that you care. Creating coupons for your customers in Wix Stores really couldn’t be easier, so don’t think twice. Of course, you don’t want to leave your other customers high and dry. Spread the love and offer other perks to your newsletter subscribers, or even a flash sale with a limited-time coupon that you share only to your social networks.

Love & Design: Coupons

Have some patience

A young Angelica Pickles once said, “Rome wasn’t built in an egg.” Take what you will from the quote, but like any relationship, your bond with your customers takes time to mature. Plenty of it. Use the steps provided above as building blocks towards a greater goal. After you’ve achieved an act of courtship, allow for some breathing room. Take SEO for example. Sure, with the Wix SEO Wiz, you can make quick progress in the way that Google sees your website. However, making it to the coveted first page can take some time. As long as you continue to nurture your visitors with fresh and quality content, search engines will take notice and adjust your ranking accordingly.

Ready to make all the right moves? Create your stunning website today!

By Blake Stimac
Community & Social Media Manager, Wix About The Wix Blog

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