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When Time Freezes: Beautiful Winter Pictures by Daring Photographers

It may be too cold outside for angels to fly, but for some extraordinary photographers, ‘tis the season to roam the outdoors. No matter how harsh the weather is, it cannot hold back the passion for capturing the majestic beauty of winter.

If you’re imagining a set of monotonous white scenes, let us surprise you with the diversity the coldest season of the year has to offer. From colorful Japanese temples to extreme winter sports and unique wildlife, these chilly landscapes are far from being just white. Pour a cup of your favorite hot drink (cocoa would be our choice) and let your heart warm up with sublime winter pictures by shutterbugs, who created their photography websites with Wix:

The temples of frost by Takahiro Bessho

Kyoto is widely known for the beauty of its temples and shrines. The cherry blossom in spring and the colorful leaves of autumn attract millions of tourists from all over the globe. But little did we know of Kyoto’s magnificent winter disguise. When the temples wear white and visitors are scarce, the serene atmosphere of holiness can finally claim the territory to itself.

Kyoto in winter

Kyoto in winter

Bamboo forest in winter

“Ice, ice, baby” by Remy Brand

Snow is not the only one to reign the white wonderland. With an endless display of shapes and reflections, ice can undoubtedly claim the throne to itself. Photographing ice poses a set of challenges, as well as opportunities to capture unique formations and light games. The following works show how Remy Brand has braved this fragile hardship with great expertise.

two people on a big chunk of ice

Melting ice in the sea

Ice melting at sea

Taking it to the extreme by Martin Olson

Extreme cold? For Martin Olson and his friends, winter is the season of extreme sports! For the adventurous souls, it is the radical weather conditions that make physical challenges even more thrilling and exciting. And where adventure prevails, bold photographers like Martin flourish.

black and white photo of climbing skiers

snowboarding in the woods

frozen face

It’s a wild life by Roie Galitz

Roie Galitz’s wildlife photography is captivating in any season, but portraying polar bears and the north pole is what he recently became known for, working as an operator for an exclusive BBC show called Snow Bears. These winter stills are anything but stil : the abundance of life in below zero temperatures will never stop astounding us.

family of polar bears

penguin in the snow

sea lions chilling

Winter elements by Shane Kalyn

“Keep your love of nature for that is the true way to understand art more and more.” This quote by Vincent Van Gogh appears on Shane Kalyn’s homepage for a reason. Going through his work on documenting the four elements, we can truly grasp the essence of these words. The paintbrush or the camera are merely tools for sharing nature’s original art with the rest of the world. 

reflection of woods in the winter

winter forest in the sun

Icy branches melting in the sun

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By Julia Ronen

Creative Content Developer for Wix Expert Communities

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