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Design Inspiration \ JAN 25th 2018

This Artist Uses the Sky as His Canvas

In our everyday lives, while walking through the bustling streets of any city, we tend to naturally either look down or straight ahead. One artist found his inspiration for both his art and stunning website by breaking that habit. How, you ask? He dared to turn away from his smartphone’s screen and simply look up! Thomas Lamadieu launched his ‘Sky Art’ project while admiring the electric wires between buildings in his hometown, Avignon: “I noticed that the wires, which played along with the shape of the surrounding architecture, created a visual that made me think of a rabbit. I took a picture of that piece of sky and began to draw on it.”

Using the ‘air’ space between buildings as his canvas to draw, he discovered a whole new world that lies within the concrete jungle. Not only does Thomas play with shape, but also with the different colors of the sky, allowing him to express his unique characters accordingly.

Thomas has inspired us to be more aware of our surroundings when going from one place to the next. One look at his ‘Sky Art’ and you’ll never walk with your head down ever again:

“I love to discover details that I would never have seen if I kept looking at my feet”

“I like to get lost in new cities, so I can stumble upon a pretty unexpected piece of heaven”

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