New Wix Events Features That Every Business Owner Should Know About!

Whether you’re a business owner planning your company’s next major meetup or a rockstar hitting the road for the first time, we know you’ve got your hands full. So if you’re going to organize and spread the word about your upcoming occasions, you’ll need more than just your website. As you might already know, you can send beautiful invites and promote your event on social media but did you know you can create and display multiple events on your site and sell tickets? Luckily, with the new features in Wix Events, you can. Think of it as your one-stop-shop for everything essential to planning and managing your next exciting gig.

So, while you’re busy running your empire and website like a boss, Wix Events will take care of everything else.

Bring on the ticket sales

Now with Wix Events, site visitors can simply buy tickets straight from your website. All you need to do is head on over to your events manager, where you can add as many events as you want. Once that’s all set up, you’re ready to create your tickets. Hooray! Simply select your price, add the limit, connect a payment method and just like that, you can manage all your transactions in one place. This makes the whole process of ticket purchasing smooth and painless for both sides. That’s not all! After your guests sign up, they will receive a printable (PDF) version of the ticket which they can bring with them to the event.

Now, what if you have an event that doesn’t cost money but has limited space or requires registration? For example, you’re hosting a business meetup where you want to expand your network but charging for a ticket is not necessary. Just set the price to zero and watch your guest list grow. With the easy-to-navigate events manager inside Wix Events, you can keep track of all the RSVPs coming your way and keep things organized all in a day’s work. In no time, you’ll have your guest list set and your event will be the only thing on everyone’s mind!

Tell them all about the event with new event detail page

Set the stage for your guests with the new events detail page. Much like an about page, this section has all the nuts and bolts for your event. Here you can tell a story and get your guests excited for the big event by showcasing all the deets with an impressive layout. This page effortlessly fits into the rest of your site and is completely customizable. To edit this page, all you need to do is once again click on your event manager and fill out the who, what, when and where –  and you can even add a stunning image to boot!

Guest Check-In

Let’s set the scene: you’ve just held a killer event that everyone will be talking about for months to come. But as we all know, with the stress and excitement of a large event, keeping track of who actually came and who just RSVP’d isn’t exactly a walk in the park. With the new guest check-in feature, this won’t be a problem. Keeping track of your guests’ attendance couldn’t be easier as you simply need to check them into your event, right from your event manager. Just add a checkmark in the ‘Check-in’ column next to each guest that arrives and voilà, you’ll never forget a name!

Registration via an External Link

Hosting an event but you’re not the ticket seller? For example, if you have multiple music gigs lined up, it makes sense to only promote them all on your site, right? But, depending on your partnership with different venues, you might not be able to have the registration solely on your Wix website. Just in case you’ve snagged an opening spot at The O2 Arena, don’t you worry, we’ve thought about that too! You can now connect an external link to your site along with Wix Events. This way, when guests click the “Register Now” button, they are taken to the external site. Basically, it’s a win-win for everyone.

So, whether you are a standup comedian and you’re just waiting to roast the crowd, or you’re a musician ready to rock out, then get ready to bring home the bacon because with Wix Events your tickets will be selling out in no time!

By Tali Marks

Community and Social Media Manager

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