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Meet Cord: A Fantastic Wix User That Will Inspire Generations

Meet Cord: A Fantastic Wix User That Will Inspire Generations

As you may guess, one of the best parts of our job here at Wix is the opportunity to always find amazing websites created by our community. Recently, we came across one very special user. His name is Cord. Cord Hosenbeck.

Cord is the kind of person that most people aspire to be: multi-talented, passionate and charismatic. If you don’t know him already, get to know him. You’ll quickly become one of his biggest fans. His enthusiasm and passion for life including his love for his eight superb basset hounds is contagious.

In other words, he is an exquisite person with infinite amounts of inspiration. We are sure that you will share our love of all things Cord.

As a special treat, here he is creating his beautiful website on camera:

More Cord

Cord is an eloquent speaker and a powerful personality which naturally led him to become a successful TV host. But his range of talent goes far beyond being in front of a camera. As a motivational speaker, nutrition and fitness expert, he’s trained numerous well-known celebrities. In addition, he’s written 30 books! Yes, The Amarillo Diet is his own invention and yes, if you were wondering who started the rice cake revolution, well… now you know.

He is also a long-time member of the Canine Kennel Foundation and is a celebrated basset hound breeder – “the most sophisticated animal,” as he likes to say.

Want to see more Cord? It’s your lucky day! This year, he’ll be the host of the 2018 Rose Parade in Pasadena streaming live on Amazon Prime Video. This event is extremely dear to his heart because he grew up in La Canada – just down the road from where the parade takes place.

If you want to know more about Cord – and trust us, you do – you’re invited to tour his stunning website:

Cord Hosenbeck's Wix website

Keep up with #CordHosenbeck

We understand you’re already craving more Cord. Worry not! We’ll be updating his exciting adventures closely on Facebook and Twitter in order to make sure you’re in the loop regarding everything Cord related.

Stay tuned! You’ll thank us later.

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By Emmanuel Cohen

Team Leader: Wix Community Team

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