The Most Amazing Examples of Photo Manipulation We’ve Ever Seen

Oh Photoshop, where would we be without you? We have to confess we have a little bit of a crush on you. Even if you’ve never personally used this kind of program, you can’t deny the influence photo-editing has on our lives. Once thought of as a complex tool strictly for graphic designers, photo-editing software can be used by nearly everyone.  As long as you have access to a computer, time and patience, you canmaster photo manipulation with practically the same ease as – ahem creating a website.

We at Wix love the creativity we see every day, from funny Photoshop battles to the amazing work our own designers produce. We are constantly impressed by photo editors’ abilities to push the boundaries of creativity. Combining supernatural and natural, real and unreal, abstract and concrete, ultimately giving birth to these new and bizarre works of art that are surprisingly close to a dream. It is this love of creative art that has led us to share with you these visual pearls.

Erik Johansson

Ben Heine

Cal Redback

Christophe Kiciak

John Wilhelm

Koen Demuynck

Martin Marcisovsky

Ronen Goldman

Leszek Bujnowski

Romain Laurent

By The Wix Team

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