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This Artist Transforms Reality With Amazing Interactive Pixel Art

It’s no secret that Wix users are among some of the most remarkable folks out there. From small business owners to photographers, to musicians and artists, we’re constantly inspired by the creativity our community possesses. Of course, we’re proud that the Wix website builder allows them to share their creativity with the world. Recently, we stumbled upon a unique talent that’s taken the Internet by storm; Swedish artist, Johan Karlgren.

Karlgren and his kids are big fans of old-fashioned 8-bit video games. He’s turned this passion into some unbelievable works of art, but not the traditional type of art you may be thinking of. Instead, he takes to the streets and uses everyday objects as his canvas, incorporating his pixel creations into stop signs, picket fences and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Pappas Pärlor Gameboy Art Pappas Pärlor Art: The Hulk and Pikachu Pappas Pärlor: Chocolate Art Pappas Pärlor: Street Signs Pappas Pärlor: Street Art Pappas Pärlor: Mushrooms Pappas Pärlor: Interactive Art Pappas Pärlor: Pixel Art Pappas Pärlor: Art from the sewers Pappas Pärlor: The Simpsons Pappas Pärlor: Sidewalk ArtPappas Pärlor: Johan Karlgren


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By Jillian Altit
Community Manager - About The Wix Blog

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