The (Financial) Genie In A Bottle Every Women Needs

The powerful presence of leading ladies across all industries is always inspiring and good thing there’s no evidence of this slowing down!

Our next user, Moran, recently graduated from the ‘Lead With Wix’ accelerator program. The program focused on 13 female entrepreneurs, giving them amazing mentorship sessions, top professional talks and access to great resources to support and grow their startups into successful companies. After creating her own stunning site, Moran officially launched her biz, Genie. We caught up with the successful entrepreneur to hear all about her girl power business.

Hi Moran, and welcome to the Wix Blog! We’re very excited to chat with you today. Before we dive in, can you introduce yourself and tell our readers a bit about what you do?

It’s a great pleasure to be here. I’m Moran, Founder and CEO of a startup called Genie – a personal financial growth platform tailored for women.

How did Genie come about?

About four years ago, I realized I was on the wrong life path (wrong job, wrong industry, wrong salary, wrong relationship). For the first time, I could see a clear picture of how I wished to live my life both personally and professionally. This realization was so striking to me and for the first time I was able to picture and put into words how I saw my life in the long run. I had to discover this the hard way, I had no financial resources to do what I wanted to do and faced the sad reality that I’m a 32 year old woman with no plan. That was my defining moment, my stroke of insight which set the ground of what became: Genie.

Can you explain your journey or reasons why you decided to focus your business specifically at women?

The decision to design something that will serve us women is the outcome of a personal dramatic event that happened to me in life, where I found myself in a dark place, financially stuck and with no room to maneuver one way or the other. I remember the feeling of that sad realisation that I never even thought of having any kind of financial plan. Once I started to share my story, I saw this was the story of so many others.

How did you hear about Wix? Why did you decide to use Wix as your website platform?

My relationship with WIX started back then when I was looking for a great platform to build a beautiful website for a previous initiative. Recently I graduated from the ‘Lead With Wix’ accelerator program which was a program focused on 13 female entrepreneurs, giving amazing mentorship sessions, top professional talks and access to great resources to support and grow these startups into successful companies. Using WIX to build Genie’s website was a natural choice. Wix has everything I need to start with and symbolised a great grand finale, due to the fact that Genie came to life during the program.

What is your favorite Wix feature?

The App Market. The fact that I can not only create a website quickly and easily, but also find a one stop shop to all the solutions I need for present and future services, really relieves me from the hassle of looking for solutions elsewhere. From booking options to payment solutions, I have everything I need right here.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. You have the last word, an inspiring quote, words you live by, a declaration. You have “Carte Blanche”

Know your worth, embrace it and go get whatever it is you’re after. Weather it’s opening that business you’ve always dreamed of or setting a goal for the life you wish to live. Ambition is something to be proud of and getting out of your comfort zone is never easy, trust me I know.

In order to ease that start, I’ve decided to create a special online workshop and I invite all the ladies in the crowd to check it out. We’ll have a few topics like: do’s and don’ts when opening a business, negotiating and pricing your worth with customers.

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By Taira Sabo

Wix Blog Manager

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