Is Wix SEO Good for Your Website? Review From an Expert Web Designer

In order to create a successful website, visibility is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration. When trying to emphasize the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) to a business, it’s always easy to think about the philosophical saying: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Creating a stunning website with Wix can be seamless, but the work doesn’t end once you’ve hit the publish button. Since you’ve taken the time to create your stunning site you’ll want to make sure that your pages can be easily found online by potential clients. Not sure how to do that? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered since Wix has the best SEO.

Still feeling the need for a more objective opinion? We met with Debby Girvan, founder and head of Flair Communication, a successful digital marketing agency. She’s designed and maintained Wix websites for over 100 businesses and has even won two Clarion Awards (the Association for Women in Communications) for her outstanding work. On top of delivering state-of-the-art designs, she knows how to use the new Wix SEO Wiz to the fullest, so that her clients’ websites are sure to rank on the first page of Google.

So, is Wix SEO good for your website? Let’s hear what the expert has to say:

Being a web design and SEO expert

Hey Debby, welcome to the Wix Blog! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey there! I’m Debby Girvan, owner of Flair Communication, a digital marketing agency located in historic downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia. My business was originally born on creating websites with the Wix platform. Today, we offer a full range of other marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO).

How did you come to create websites for a living?

I was elected to our City Council for a term but then lost the race for Mayor. That loss turned out to be an opportunity as I decided the next time I worked that hard, it was going to be to build my own business. I went back to graduate school at Georgetown University, earning two graduate certificates in Digital Media Management and Marketing. I knew I wanted to specialize in web design, so I tried learning a few different platforms on my own. When I discovered Wix, I simply fell in love! I would spend many (blissful) hours designing and testing the applications available.

Which types of businesses do you tend to design for?

I started out in 2010, doing a couple of pro bono sites for nonprofit organizations. Since then, my agency has built over 100 websites on Wix – and continue to add new ones every week. We work with all kinds of businesses. Our clients include service providers, retailers, startups, government agencies, restaurants, and even a professional musician.

What does your typical workday look like?

I wake up around 6 am to a brewed pot of strong French roast coffee. I check and sort my emails, read our local news, catch up on a bunch of business-related blogs. Then I walk to our office – a beautiful, former hotel, circa 1860. I have a wonderful staff of funny, hard-working, talented people who make my job a pleasure. We spend most days designing with Wix, brainstorming ideas for clients, preparing quotes, creating, implementing and monitoring social media campaigns, meeting with existing and new clients, and updating their websites.

Is Wix SEO Good for Your Website? Review From an Expert Web Designer

The key to rank higher on Google

Let’s dive into the technicalities. What’s the first thing clients ask regarding their website?

Many clients ask about SEO, often because they are being sold expensive optimization services by other companies. We start with the discovery phase by researching clients’ competitors and having good discussions with them about their target market and business goals. We use this opportunity to educate our clients about what really generates effective SEO and how Wix has been a successful platform to rank our websites on page one of search results.

How did the new Wix SEO Wiz (open for free to all Wix users) affect the process?

We started utilizing Wix SEO Wiz as soon as it was launched, in addition to our other best practices. We did it on every client’s website, even the ones that had been published for several years. It enabled us to detect areas that we may have missed during manual optimization and routine updates, or that could simply be improved. Every designer knows some websites can get quite complicated, and it’s easy to overlook elements such as Alt Text for the images. We also use the Wiz’s keyword analysis feature to improve keywords selection.

Overall, it has saved us significant time. And Wix SEO Wiz is now a mandatory part of our design process.

Do you have some striking SEO results to share?

Absolutely! We saw major improvements in search engines ranking and organic traffic on our clients’ websites. Within just a few weeks, all of them consistently appeared on the first page of Google. As a result, we increased our clients’ organic traffic by 80%, using Wix SEO Wiz. And it’s even true for clients who don’t do active marketing or outreach campaigns. Once they are fully indexed, they regularly rank on page 1 of search engines for their relevant keywords. There’s no greater satisfaction or evidence of quality SEO than that.

“We increased our clients’ organic traffic by 80%, using Wix SEO Wiz.”

What tips would you give our readers to improve their website’s SEO?

Wix SEO Wiz is an excellent tool to ensure every element in the site is optimized, from the Alt Text to the meta data and the headers. It also facilitates submission to search engines, which is extremely convenient. Beyond that, it’s important to keep in mind that SEO really is an ongoing process, requiring maintenance for every aspect of your website. For example, you need to verify regularly that your online business listings are current, in order to boost your local SEO. And of course, regularly updating your website with fresh and quality content is an absolute must!

Tons of free web design features

Besides the SEO Wiz, what are your favourite features in the Wix Editor?

There are so many phenomenal features, it would be very hard to choose just a few. Some have really taken our designs to the next level. Mobile optimization has helped us meet market demands and comply with Google SEO standards for mobile. For clients who prefer their website to be viewed on smartphones, Wix’s mobile action bar is an excellent feature that always impresses the visitors. Parallax scrolling, lightboxes, Wix Music, animations, Wix Stores and now, the ability to custom code are other features we can’t live without!

What’s the response of your clients when you present them their new websites?

Clients are pleasantly surprised with our ability to build their new websites with advanced design features in just a few business days. Most of our clients’ websites are completely designed and launched within two weeks!

Do you have a success story you particularly like?

The Marine Corps Aviation Association had struggled for almost a year to get their website launched by another company and when it was finally published, it didn’t work. They were days away from registration for a large, annual event which required website access. We promised them we would have a fully functional website within two days. 36 hours later, they had a professional, fully functional website which we’ve continued to develop and update. The icing on the cake: we won a 2016 Clarion Award for our MCAA website design!

MCAA website - Is Wix SEO Good for Your Website? Review From an Expert Web Designer

Underpromise and overdeliver

Which promotion techniques do you use for potential clients to find you?

Ironically, as a digital marketing company, we have done little to market our own business. We mostly rely on two major funnels: client referrals and Google results. The first says a lot about our commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations. The second is attributed to the superior SEO capabilities of Wix. Actually, we used Wix SEO Wiz on our own website, and it led to a 20% increase in our leads! It’s all the more so impressive as our market is extremely competitive.

“We enjoyed a 20% increase in leads after running Wix SEO Wiz on our own website.”

Does the Wix Experts community help you in your daily work?

I follow our various Wix Experts groups on a daily basis. I am so inspired by the collaborative, generous, supportive spirit of our Wix Experts community and Wix staff liaisons. They’ve provided resources that help us provide better service to our customers.

Is there a lesson you’ve learned along the way that you’d like to share with our community?

I’ve done some things right from the start, and of course, have made my share of mistakes. A few pieces of advice that can be useful not only to web designers but to all business owners:

Put everything in writing. Digital marketing and web design are complex. A written quote or agreement helps protect and clarify terms for both the designer and the client.

Conduct a market analysis on a regular basis. Make sure your services and prices are competitive. You’re not paid what you “deserve.” You’re paid what the market will bear.

The market is filled with web designers who can’t meet deadlines. That’s an opportunity. Underpromise and overdeliver.

The last (key)word is yours, Debby. A web design manifesto? Some business inspiration? A quote to savour? You have “carte blanche”.

As a digital marketing and web design professional, I want to be like Wix: always improving my game. And I like this quote by Neville Brody: “Digital design is like painting except the paint never dries.”

Ready to impress your clients with a fully optimized website? Try Wix SEO Wiz now, it’s free!

By Chen Attias

Community Manager

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