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When building your stunning website, photos can really make it come to life. Whether you’re using your own photos or even stock photos you found online, you may want to edit them a bit before you add them to your page.

While Adobe’s Photoshop may be the first product that comes to mind for editing photos, it can be downright intimidating for anyone who isn’t a graphic artist. That’s where we come in!

Below, you’ll find a list of great online photo editors that you can use without being a Photoshop pro:

Wix Photo Editor

If you’re looking to tweak a photo you’ve added to your website, you don’t even need to leave the Wix Website Editor, as there’s a photo editor built right in! It offers the basic features you’d expect in just about any online photo editor, like cropping, the ability to add text and stickers, as well as reduce red-eye, but that’s not all…

The Wix Photo Editor also allows you to apply effects like focus and blur and filters to change the overall tone and look of your photos.

If you want to access the Wix Photo Editor and have yet to add the photo you want to edit to your website:

  • Click on the “Add” button on the left side of the editor and then click “My Uploads”.

  • Hover over the photo you’d like to edit and click on the “crop” icon to edit your photo.

If you’ve already added the photo to a page on your website:

  • Click on the photo.

  • Choose to crop or add image filters to the photo.

Sometimes all you need is hiding right under your nose, so be sure to check it out!

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Pixlr & Pixlr Express

Pixlr has long been a fan favorite online photo editor, and for good reason: It’s a powerful free tool that may be the closest thing to photoshop. Pixlr comes in two flavors, with a simplified, “express” version that’s much like Wix ADI.

The Pixlr editor offers more features than you can shake a stick at, but with the power under its hood, it may actually be a bit too advanced for some users. You can play with layers and add many effects that you won’t find in other tools on this list, so it may not be the best option for first-timers. If you fall into this category, Pixlr Express is a great place to start!

Pixlr Express is a straightforward, no-frills editor that is solely for minor adjustments, which may be all you need. After you have added your photo, you’re given six categories to choose from that you can drill down for tweaking. Difficulty level (Pixlr): Intermediate – advanced

Difficulty level: (Pixler express): Beginner


iPiccy finds itself somewhere in between Pixlr and Pixlr Express, striking a fine balance of advanced features while still being easy to use. So, if you’re firmly planted in the “not super advanced but not a first timer” category, iPiccy should be perfect for you.

You’ll get a set of tools that are both straightforward and feature-rich. From simple adjustments you’d expect to find in any photo editor, to more advanced layering and texture tweaks, iPiccy has your back.

The only downside to iPiccy? It’s built using Flash so don’t expect to edit photos on your tablet or a mobile device. Difficulty level: Beginner – intermediate

Pic Monkey

While Pic Monkey is more than just a photo editor, that’s the area we will be focusing on with this easy to use product.

Many may appreciate Pic Monkey’s approachable look upon first glance, as it’s nowhere near as intimidating as Pixlr can be perceived as. The layout of the editor is straightforward, which will put many at ease. It’s very easy to see what you need to do in order to complete every action, without drilling down through multiple menus.

A set of icons line the left side of the page, each of which visually describing what the category is all about. Clicking on one of them will offer up even more visually descriptive feature options, so it’s pretty hard to get lost.

One deterrent from using Pic Monkey is that many of the options aren’t free and you’ll need to pay around $8 a month if you want to unlock all of the features.

Difficulty level: Beginner – intermediate


The overall look and feel of Fotor is very similar to what Pic Monkey offers, but it has a few tricks up its (editor’s) sleeve.

As expected, Fotor offers the basic photo editing and adjustment settings, but takes it to the next level with the ability to add overlays and other effects like themes. However, one thing that lets Fotor stand out is its ability to create HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos with ease. Simply put a low contrast photo, a normal contrast photo, and a high contrast photo into the HDR editor, and Fotor will merge all three together to create a beautifully balanced and crisp result.

While most smartphones have this option in their camera apps, it’s still a great addition to the toolset that Fotor offers.

As with Pic Monkey, you can get a lot done with Fotor, but you’ll need to pay to unlock all of it’s features.

Difficulty Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Adobe Photoshop Express

Not advanced enough for the full-fledged Photoshop program? Well, much like Pixler, Adobe offers up an online Photoshop Express editor!

Photoshop Express may be the best organized of all the options in this list (Except for the Wix Photo Editor, but we might be a bit biased). After uploading your photo, the left side of the screen displays your menu. It’s broken down into an ‘Edit’ mode and a ‘Decorate’ mode. The ‘Edit’ mode consists of three subsections for basic edits, adjustments, and effects.

Adobe’s ‘express’ photo editor may not be the most feature-rich, but it can get you where you need to go with your photos without a steep learning curve, and that alone may be worth making it your go-to.

Difficulty level: Beginner – intermediate

As you can see, there’s a wealth of tools at your disposal for editing your photos, whether you’re a beginner or a pro!

By Blake Stimac

Community & Social Media Manager

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