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Small Business Tips \ SEP 11th 2017

Online Scheduling Masters: 8 Gorgeous Wix Bookings Sites

It’s safe to say we could all benefit from an extra pair of hands, right? Think about how much quicker you could get all your tasks done so you have more time for the fun things in life. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly possible (just yet anyway), but luckily when it comes to your stunning Wix website, there’s Wix Bookings to the rescue. Think of Wix Bookings as your very own personal assistant, always ready to schedule appointments, take payments and send out email reminders on your behalf so you can focus on growing your business. Did we mention that this online scheduling app is 100% commission free?

If you didn’t think your business needs Wix Bookings, you may want to reconsider. Just take a look at these 8 fantastically diverse websites that all took advantage of this powerful tool.

The Boxx Beauty Bar

This Atlanta based hair salon offers an impressive variety of services within multiple categories. From a simple blow dry or a funky new color to a well-deserved treatment, they’ve got their clients (and their hair) covered. Not only does their ‘salon services’ page display all they offer, it also gives visitors the option to “book it” straight from the site. Select the date, time and hair stylist, and bam, it could be you singing Hairspray’s “Big, Blonde and Beautiful” in no time!

Wix Bookings Website: The Boxx Beauty Bar

Her Good Gathering

Event planner, Sarah Crosby knows how extra help can make all the difference when it comes to planning events. The pressure of making sure every event is picture perfect (and completely Instagrammable) can be quite intense, but thankfully, she’s incorporated Wix Bookings into her fairy-like site. Guests can decide which package will suit their occasion best and click “let’s talk.” That magical moment is just a couple of (planning) steps away.

Wix Bookings Website: Her Good Gathering


Diana, a nutritionist from Down Under, presents a site that instantly makes viewers feel fresh and revived. The high-quality images of healthy food, as well as informational text, really gives us a sense of what her biz is all about. A “book” tab in her header allows guests to easily browse through her various packages such as: a clean eating plan or a kick start detox. A juice cleanse has never looked more appealing!

Wix Bookings Website: Nutri Me

Great Falls Dog Walking

This (very cute) site keeps things easy and clean. With just a couple of strips, Great Falls Dog Walking has managed to get their message out loud and clear. Need a dog walker for your pooch? Or a cozy place for a doggy sleepover? It’s all just one easy click away. Take note how visible all their essential information is displayed within header and footer of the site. Pet owners won’t have to look very far for what they need.

Wix Bookings Website: Great Falls Dog Walking

John Carter Photography

This Denver-based photographer has nailed the “wow” factor with his captivating home page. John uses a simple layout that lends all the attention to his stunningly captured shots. Like most photographers, he’s a jack of all trades. From wedding photography to portraits and special events, he does it all – and anyone can book it all straight from his website.

Wix Bookings Website: John Carter Photography

B & E Art Studio

There’s a creative bone in each and every one of us, but sometimes you just have to dig a bit to find it. For some (a cough cough, yours truly) it’s harder than others. B & E Art studio caters to all kinds of art mediums so every visitor will be able to find (and book) a class that tickles their fancy. From oil painting, pottery or drawing classes, they’ve got a complete variety. Bonus: it’s super affordable!

Wix Bookings Website: B & E Art Studio

Harvest Martial Arts

There is no doubt that Harvest Martial Arts has a black belt in web design! The minimalistic color scheme and clean layout make this website easy to navigate and of course, easy to book.  From private instructors to group lessons, anyone can become a martial arts master.

Wix Bookings Website: Harvest Martial Arts

Opera d’arte

Wedding planning is stressful. That’s just a fact. But for any future bride, picking out her wedding gown should be the exact opposite. Opera d’arte promises an intimate and memorable moment for all their clients. The exclusive Italian handcrafted gowns are photographed and displayed beautifully on their site. As every dress is tailored to perfection, scheduling a one on one appointment is a crucial part of the process … good thing they have Wix Bookings :)

Wix Bookings Website: Opera d'arte

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By Taira Sabo
Wix Blog Manager, Wix About the Wix Blog

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