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How to Create a Delicious Restaurant Website

As a restaurant owner, your passion and talent clearly lie in the culinary world. While you may know your lobsters from your langoustines, building a website may not come as naturally as cooking up your signature paella. No need to panic, that’s exactly where we come in. You wouldn’t want potential customers at home, hungry (borderline “hangry”), and missing out on all the fun simply because you don’t have a restaurant website, right? Of course not.

If you don’t have a site for your restaurant (gasp!) or your existing one is in need of a refreshing makeover, we’ve gathered all the essential elements you’ll need in order to cook up something scrumptious.

01. Choose your (tem)plate

You’ll want to start off by choosing a template that fits the style of your restaurant or cafe. Are you a relaxed neighborhood spot with signature weekend pancakes or do you lean more towards the exclusive collection of Michelin star restaurants? Whichever end of the spectrum you may be on, we’ve got a template that will carry the flavors of your establishment into the online world.

Wix Restaurant Website Templates

02. Include your signature style

Once you’re satisfied with your template, start to experiment with the design. Play around with your site and add your own text, high-quality images and engaging videos. Think behind the scenes: snippets of plating, show off the atmosphere on a busy night or tease your customers with a knife cutting through a warm cherry pie. Give your guests a preview of what’s to come, just like Cafe Angelo did below. Drool!

Restaurant Website - Cafe Angelo

03. Spice up your site

Things are sure to heat up when you add the latest Wix Restaurants features to your site from the Wix App Market. You’ll find useful and impressive ones like:

Wix Restaurants Menus – Create a tantalizing menu in minutes! Unlike your typical PDF layout, Wix Restaurants Menus will generate a stunning look that displays perfectly on mobile and is search engine friendly; just take a look at Kome Waza’s site for proof. The best part: You can easily add or update your menu at any time, plus any changes you make in the Editor will automatically update on your synced Facebook Business Page.

Wix Reservations – No more calling required. Now, your guests can book a table straight from your site and you’ll be able to manage all your reservations on your own. Wix Reservations gives you the option to select from two different confirmation messages for your guests to receive once they have requested a table. You can choose from either, ‘pending confirmation’ or ‘instant confirmation.’ Get ready to have a full house!

Wix Restaurants Orders – Are you ready for this? You can now accept online orders through your site with our intuitive ordering system. But that’s not all! It’s 100% commission free. Catering for events? Clients can pre order your delicious food in advance.

Restaurant Website - Kome Waza

04. Stay in touch

Potential guests will most likely visit your site for two reasons: to browse (and drool) over your menu and to find your location and contact information. With this in my mind, make sure your contact details are highly visible – we suggest placing them in the footer of each page of your exquisite site and to add a Google Map. Take Poke Bowlz, for example, their contact info is prominent on every page and there is a dedicated ‘contact’ section.

Restaurant Website - Poke Bowlz

05. Tell us about yourself

This is your chance to show your community who you are, introduce your team and feature all that you’ve accomplished. People love a good story. What better way to spruce up your brand than by filming an “About Us” video? Showcase your team members’ individual personalities and interactions between various key figures such as the head chef, the waiters and the hostesses. Once you’re done with filming, simply upload it to your site using Wix Video.

Of course, you could always go the classic route of a simple “About Us” page with some images and a short bio. If you’ve been featured in any major publications there’s no shame in some self-promotion. In fact, this is the perfect platform to display all those accolades and gloat just a little (or a lot). Gelso and Grand proudly display all the reviews that have been written about them in a dedicated ‘press’ page.

Restaurant Website Templates -Gelso and Grand

06. Local SEO

No this doesn’t stand for S   E   O. No, no, we are talking about Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO. This refers to specific actions you can take in order for your site to rank high on search engines’ results pages. Let’s crank the heat up a bit, shall we? Enter: local SEO. By optimizing your site, search engines like Google and Bing will associate your restaurant with your geographical location. All you need to do is ensure your restaurant is listed in local directories, make sure your contact info is consistent wherever your biz is mentioned (your website and social channels), and, a no brainer since it’s 2017, you’ve got to be mobile friendly.

To ensure your restaurant is “mapped” make sure you register all your details on Google My Business. So the next time someone Googles, “Italian restaurant in Brooklyn,” your trattoria just might end up being featured on the first page of the search. Success! Looks like Bom Bistro has mastered the art of food and local SEO. Take a look at how all their information, as well as a map, appears from a Google search.

Bom Bistro - Local SEO

07. Get social with it

As a restaurant, your social platforms are a great way to show your involvement in your neighborhood or wider food/culinary community. The Instagram foodie community is huge! Since you are a restaurant, take advantage by capturing those mouthwatering dishes that come straight out of the kitchen. Make sure your website is linked to all the relevant social accounts and vice versa. Within your website, don’t forget to include honorable mentions from Yelp, Four Square and TripAdvisor in your social bar.

Restaurant Website - Samui

08. Add the finishing touches

For the final touch, you can turn your restaurant website into an all-encompassing one stop shop for all things culinary! If you host events like cooking workshops, live music nights or influencer programs, then Wix Events is exactly what you need in order to share your gatherings. While you’re at it, you can whip up some amazing invites using Wix ShoutOut.

For an added boost to your SEO, why not start a blog? It’s a great way to establish yourself as an industry expert, and it’s a great tool for reaching out to your community. You could share your favorite recipes, local spots or share the history of your restaurant … just like when butter is added to any recipe, the possibilities are endless!

Ready to whip up your own restaurant website? Create your stunning website today!

By Taira Sabo
Wix Blog Manager, Wix About the Wix Blog

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