New! 13 Awe-Inspiring Templates You Can’t Miss

Even experienced designers can have a hard time keeping their website up to date, like an auto mechanic who drives around in an old beater because they spend all their time fixing other people’s cars. Never fear! You can fill your toolbox with the freshest Wix templates to help keep your engines running during your website building journey. And guess what?! All of these amazing design masterpieces can be customized with your own text, images and videos to create a site that’s perfect for you.

Check out these 13 brand new templates and get ready for stunningness – yes, we just coined that term:

Baking Workshop Template

This mouth-watering template is crafted to put the spotlight on the deliciousness of your food. Our designers have incorporated simple and clean navigation along with playful (and delectable) images, GIFS and video to really make things pop. The pastel color palette really struck a chord with our sweet tooth. Did we mention that gorgeous Welcome page? Have a look – it’s worth it. Go ahead and sink your teeth in!

Wedding Planner Template

The modern rustic design of this template is effortlessly chic and features a stunning full-width image that really grabs the attention of any viewer. Understated colors and timeless typography help visitors’ eyes flow through the site. It even has Wix Bookings built in, so you can add your services, customize availability and watch your appointment calendar fill up faster than your clients’ wedding registry.

B&B Website Template

For travelers, it’s all about emotion and experience. When viewing a bed and breakfast website they are looking for something that will inspire them and entice them to visit and escape their everyday life. Your visitors will love navigating this clean and inviting design, and with Wix Hotels, they can book their stay instantly from your site. Suite dreams await you and your guests below.

Cinematographer Template

What makes a great film? Is it a beautiful story? Well-established characters? A stunning performance? Well, the answer is — yes. Yes to all of it. A great film, like a great website, requires a balance of many ingredients. We added Wix Video, so your fans can buy, rent, or stream your videos directly from your site. Shine a spotlight on your videos today!

Creative Conference Template

Like a great speech, your website needs movement and depth. Our designers were inspired by this when adding the background animations and parallax effects to this eye-catching template. The attendees of your event will not want to search through your site for details, so we made this one-page site concise and to the point, just like an elevator pitch.

Food Photographer Template

Finding the right template for your food photography business can make you salty, but our designers have focused on adding features that will really get things cooking. We love the striking font combinations, bold images and the floating menu that follows you like the memory of a great meal. As your photography business develops, you can create a blog to allow visitors to follow your story and see the bigger picture.

Women of Tech Conference Template

Conferences educate and inspire. Your conference website should do the same! The single-page scrolling design makes for an easy and attractive way for visitors to learn about the conference all in one place. The bold color scheme used really sets the tone for a powerful and enlightening event. Introduce speakers and topics, create an event schedule and provide important information for attendees. Simply add your photos and event details, hit publish and step onto the world’s stage.

DIY Blog Template

Quirky, bright, and fun describe this crafty DIY template. Whether you’re a Pinterest addict looking to document your adventures or an established craftsperson wanting to share your knowledge and enthusiasm, this blog template will allow you to quickly update and engage with your readers!

Cooking Workshop Template

No matter the reason behind your love of food, you ought to have a website which looks and works just as deliciously as your meals. This template uses strips and columns to break up the content and includes beautiful videos which entice your viewers to keep scrolling. The bird’s eye view perspective over the high-quality images used will make them feel as if they’ve entered a Michelin-starred restaurant. Be sure to check out the “Special Events” page where our designers used a Lightbox to pop up a registration form.

Digital Photography Forum Template

Looking for more exposure? This beautiful template includes Wix Forum, which allows you to foster real discussions with your visitors. Not to mention, users engaging with your forum and creating their own content can help your SEO. Now that’s a picture perfect ending!

Electronic  DJ Template

Your music may already be on the top of the charts, but by having your own website, you control the experience. Like a beautiful melody, the vibrant colors and mesmerizing animations of this template keep you entertained the whole way through. Your visitors will not stop scrolling until they “Get On The List’ by signing up for your newsletter. Our designers added Wix Music, so you can sell and distribute your music commission free, right on your website!

Flower Shop Template

Just because you have a green thumb doesn’t mean you want a garden-variety website. Flowers celebrate love, and it is evident our designers had love in mind when designing this pastel beauty. Hover your mouse over the images and you will find this template is full of surprises.

Plants Boutique Template

The fresh design and organic colors of this template await your plant nursery or gardening business. We designed it to showcase a traditional palette of cactus green, adobe red and desert-toned neutral hues. If you want your sales to blossom, Wix Stores has everything you need to easily create, manage and sell your products online.

By Chase Lepard

Community and Social Media Manager

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