10 Hilarious Office Pranks You Have to Try

10 Hilarious Office Pranks You Have to Try

Summertime can be hard for the office workers among us. While the kids (and possibly our teacher friends) are out enjoying the sunshine; our only hope for getting a tan is to catch the rays illuminating from our computer screens.

So to keep spirits up as high as the temperature outside, we devised a plan to up the fun factor in your office! Take a look at our list of the top 10 best office pranks that you need to try (…we even dug into the Wix vault to find some favorites we tried ourselves). Go ahead, find the Dwight to your Jim and try them out!

The balloon prank:

Having a summer birthday when you’re a kid can be hard. While every other kid had a classroom celebration in their honor, your birthday was often more of an intimate affair. Help the summer babies in your office make up for lost time by filling their workspace up to the brim with balloons! Of course, once the initial shock wears off, you’ll want to provide them with a pin so they can pop their way back to their computer again.

Balloon office prank

The trapped tarantula prank:

Want to stir a fright in the kitchen? Cut a messy hole out of a paper cup and leave a note on it that warns bystanders of a creepy crawling insect trapped inside. Now, stand back and watch; before long, you’ll be sure to see all of the staff standing on chairs.

The trapped insect office prank

The classic Jello prank:

Pay homage to the forefathers of pranksterisms, Jim & Dwight from The Office, and try this nostalgic prank on an unsuspecting coworker. This one’s a classic: simply wait ’til your co-worker is gone for the day, and set their most precious office supplies in Jello overnight. Then, beat them to the office in the AM and place the Jello covered supplies back on their desk.

The real mannequin challenge prank: 

Is your office feeling a little crammed? Shock your co-workers by making it look like you added some “extra space” in the ceiling. All you need is a mannequin, access to the ceiling tiles and some perfect timing to give your colleague a scare they’ll never forget.

The mannequin office prank

The possessed mouse prank:

This prank takes a little more I.T influence, but it’s so worth it when executed correctly. When your colleague isn’t looking, connect their computer’s wireless mouse to your own computer and take control of their actions. You can write them personal messages, play music and do anything that will make them believe their computer is controlled by aliens or ghosts. A great low-tech alternative to this prank is to simply cover the sensor on the bottom of their mouse with tape. Then, sit back and watch as they try with all their might to fix it.

The rose colored room prank:

Have a coworker who sees the world through rose-colored glasses? Why not turn their office pink to make them feel right at home? Inspired by one of our very own team members, we’ll give you bonus points if you cover the screens in your office with transparent pink film. This is sure to make the whole area looks like a piece of Hubba Bubba.

The pink room office prank

The creative chair prank: 

This one requires a little creativity (and maybe some heavy lifting). Pick a victim that’s been out of the office for a while (like a lucky colleague who went off on holiday) and replace their old hydraulic office chair with something more unique, like say: a dental chair, a 1950’s blowout seat, a unicycle or any other type of crazy seating situation.

The creative chair prank

The “OMG what happened to my screen” prank:

Ok, you’ve got to be a little sneaky for this one. When your co-worker steps away from their desk for a short period of time (like lunch, or a bathroom break) replace their computer screensaver with a hi-res image of a cracked screen. Then, unplug their mouse and keyboard to make this prank even more believable.

Emails from the future prank:

Another gem from “The Office;” remember when Jim pranked Dwight with faxes from “future-Dwight?” Well, think of this as the 2017 version of that (because honestly, who still uses fax machines?!) All you need to do to nail this prank is set up a fake email address, send alarming emails to the victim as their future self and give your other colleagues a heads up so that they can play along with the madness.

The “am I hearing voices?” prank:

There’s nothing more maddening than hearing an annoying sound and not knowing where it’s coming from. This trick is really easy to pull off: simply attach a wireless speaker to the bottom of your victim’s desk that you can control from your phone or computer. Then, wait patiently for them to get comfortable and when they least suspect it: BAM! Cat meows, a lawnmower or mysterious sirens that your victims can’t figure out how to stop.

By Nathaly Myers Community & Social Media Manager

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