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Small Business Tips \ JUN 7th 2017

Easily Grow Your Community With Wix Forum

Whether you’re a small business owner, the director of a non-profit organization or you manage an online society of Star Wars enthusiasts, creating a beautiful website is just the first step on your journey. After you’re up and running, it’s important to foster your community and make sure they have a platform that allows for communication with you and with one another. How do you make that happen? With Wix Forum, the easiest way to create an online community on your site.

Get started

Ready to get your forum up and running? First, you’ll need to create a website. You can choose from one of our gorgeous forum templates. Already have a site? Simply add Wix Forum (for free!) directly from the Wix App Market. Make your forum unique by customizing the layout and design to your liking. From a classic grid or a more trendy layout to the color scheme you desire, you can tailor every detail from A-Z. Once you have your layout, you’ll be ready to add categories and descriptions.

Depending on what your forum is all about, you can choose the name and description of the categories you want to add. For example, if you’re managing a community of professional sports lovers, you can create categories for the NBA Finals, MLB season updates and the upcoming NBA draft. Add some compelling images and invite members to get the conversation started!

Start the conversation

As your community grows, so will the conversation. With all the exciting things happening with your business (or hobby, organization, favorite movie franchise, etc.), your followers are going to need a place to talk and your forum will be the hottest spot in town! Your members can log in with their email address or social login, giving them the freedom to speak with one another and the ability to like, comment and share posts. All of this social engagement will surely get your online group some major traction.

Keep it mobile

Your active followers are looking to stay in the know. Don’t limit them to times when they’re cozied up in front of their computer at home – they need access to your forum 24/7! Luckily, Wix Forum is mobile friendly, so your members can join the conversation anywhere, anytime. And just like every major social platform, members get automatic notifications that allow them to stay up to date on all the good stuff.

Wix Forum - mobile

Manage your forum like a boss

You’ve heard it before: with great power comes great responsibility. So, running an online forum is kind of like becoming Spider-Man. But don’t worry, all of the features you need are right there to help you manage everything like a total boss. Just some of what you’ll be able to do includes:

  • Approve members
  • Disable comments
  • Pin popular posts
  • Create moderators
  • Set permissions on specific categories

As a forum manager, you want to encourage conversation. The best way to do that? The members’ page. This space will allow your community to find and connect with one another, giving them the freedom to view and sort others by name, number of posts, followers and more. And of course, members can create their own profile page where everyone can check out their posts and followers. It’s the ultimate social experience!

Ready to bring your online community to life? Create a stunning forum today!

By Jillian Altit
Community Manager - About The Wix Blog

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