7 Creative Ways to Use Wix That Will Surprise You

In the age of the Internet, having an online presence is more important than ever. That’s why you can always rely on Wix when it comes to creating an online store, designing your photography portfolio or giving your hotel’s site a much-needed revamp. However, not everyone has the need for a full-fledged website. We get that. If you’ve always thought of Wix as just a platform for website creation, we’re here to prove to you it’s so much more than that. Our huge selection of amazing templates is just the first step on your journey of creating something outstanding for your next event, presentation or even your next film!

Here are seven easy ways Wix can help you achieve all of your creative dreams.

01. Organize an event

A once in a lifetime event deserves an unforgettable invitation. Wix Events is an organized bride (or groom’s!) new best friend. Creating an event allows your guests to easily RSVP and gives an overview of all the important logistics your attendees need to know: a map to the venue, a link to a gift registry, accommodation recommendations and more. For an added personal touch, after the big day, you can create a photo album with your special moments and share them with friends and family.

02. Build a community

We’re well aware of all of our unique users and their many interests. These usually range from cycling clubs to reality TV haters. So what if we told you that you can start a forum and build a community for people who hold similar (often very niche) interests as you? Wix Forum gives you the power to grow your community and get the conversation flowing. Finally, you can share all your thoughts and opinions with the right crowd.

03. Create an online resume

It’s no secret that HR managers spend time Googling prospective employees in order to learn more about them. How impressive would it be if your name yielded your online resume instead of some very questionable Facebook pictures? The best part of having an online resume is having the power of the link – making it quick and easy for you to share and send! Are you team Apple or Windows? It won’t even matter because you can trust that your resume will be viewed the way you intended – say goodbye to formatting issues. Adding your CV to the World Wide Web only enhances your online presence and shows just how web savvy you are!

04. Prepare an online presentation

Thanks to your online resume you got that job – good for you! Now it’s time for your first presentation. Why not blow your boss’s socks off by creating an online presentation using one of Wix’s ready made templates? If you’re in need of some more visual features, showcase a video with Wix Video or stunning photos with the help of the Wix Pro Gallery. Want to really take things to the next level? Consider adding parallax scrolling, slideshows and fun animation effects. Boring PowerPoint presentations are officially a thing of the past.

05. Design a promotional landing page

Think of a landing page as a little piece of online “real estate.” It’s an effective and beneficial way to push one specific agenda. For example, it’s an easy way to gather emails for your database, promote an upcoming sale or spread the news of your eBook to your followers. (Speaking of eBooks, have you checked out Wix’s very own masterpiece on how to succeed online?) The key to a successful landing page is to keep it simple: one page with one call to action. The possibilities are endless!

06. Showcase your memories

Moving onto all our pictorial friends, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Photo albums are an essential feature for any photography lover (both amateur and professional). Imagine coming back from a summer holiday in Italy. But before you’re longing to be back there, you’re able to send a link to your Wix Photo Album containing all your cherished memories from your trip. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us. Plus, there’s no limit to how many albums you can create (and they are all for free). Next trip…Spain!

07. Give a sneak peak

Got an exciting launch coming up? A newly designed website? Or perhaps your next album is about to drop. A ‘stay tuned’ page is the perfect way to build up suspense and create some buzz around your launch. You can take the excitement a step further by including a countdown clock so your visitors are up to date and know exactly when the party is about to start. Tick – tick, tick – tock.


It’s very clear to see from the above list that you can do practically anything with Wix. And we’re pretty proud of that. We’ve got your back for the big events, advancing your career, sharing your precious moments, building a community or even creating polls and online quizzes directly on your site. That means, with the combination of your imagination and wildest ideas, our endless beneficial apps in the Wix App Market as well as inspiring templates, you have the potential to create anything!

By Taira Sabo

Wix Blog Manager

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