Wix User Testimonial – The Success Story of Britney Jeanine

At Wix we love to see people from all around the world – virtually speaking – create stunning websites. With over 100 million registered users, you can probably guess that our team spends a good part of each day stumbling through those sites. With so many talented users from all industries, it’s easy to get lost in all of the talent.  

When we come across a site that is creative, uniquely designed and drop dead gorgeous, well, it’s hard to pass it by. That brings us to Britney Jeanine & Co, who ahem, happened to be a Wix Stunning Awards finalist. We took some time to speak with Britney about her visual brand studio and her passion for web design.

Wix: Where did your idea for Britney Jeanine & Co come from?

Britney: Oh gosh, I’ll try to give you the short version. I started in 2010 as an event planner and all I knew was that I had an entrepreneurial spirit. I wasn’t sure at the time what that really meant but I was planning a wedding and that sparked the idea. Then I got pregnant with my daughter and I just wanted to take pictures of her because her face is always changing. So I felt like, you know, I got to keep up! That’s when my photography business started and I decided to focus on branding my business. I thought, what is the best way for me to do this without spending a million dollars?

I started practicing with a lot of friends and the more I created websites, the more I really solidified my love for design.

I had been on the platform since 2008 and I thought, this is perfect for my foundation because working with the Wix is so easy. It’s drag and drop and I can build something that can really sustain my business. Long story short, I was much better at creating my site than I thought. When I was finished, a lot of my friends were like, “Oh my gosh this website is really cool, why don’t you do this as a business?” I had never even considered that and so I started practicing with a lot of friends and the more I created websites, the more I really solidified my love for design.

I realized Wix would be a perfect solution for me to work on because I just knew that if it were easy for me, it would be easy for my clients to maintain after I created it for them. So, little by little I transitioned from event planner to photographer, and then finally to a designer for creatives!

Working with Wix is so easy, it’s drag and drop and I can build something that can really sustain my business.

Wix: When you get a new client, what is your web design process like?

Britney: Oh that’s great, so I use the Wix App Market, I really like Boom Form, because as soon as a new client reaches out, they go through a process of telling me what services they want. Then immediately, they are presented with the option to schedule a 15-minute call through Wix Bookings. On my end, it’s really easy since the app is synced to my phone, it just dings like, “Hey, you have a call coming up.” Once that’s finished, I have a three-part process that I love working with. The first step is they fill out a brand questionnaire, that’s me getting into their head and asking, what is your brand all about? Who are you trying to work with? Who is your target client; all of those fun questions. The second step is a Pinterest assignment, where I make them pin images and colors and anything else that resonates with them when they think of their brand. For the last part, I make them collect all their photos and information so that I have everything I need to build their website.

Wix: How do you find out about the newest Wix features? 

Britney: I’ve been following you guys for awhile on the New Wix Features group on Facebook and I’m subscribed to the Wix Blog. I also get all the emails which really help me keep up with what you’re doing and the new web design trends. Like when I saw the video banner and parallax scrolling I knew immediately that I wanted to add them to my site. I’m always quick to test out the newest features so that I know how they look and feel on a site. I’m really just trying to stay abreast of what you guys are developing and making sure I can showcase all of the new features.

Wix: How has your business developed over time and what are your goals for the future?

Britney: Oh for sure, like everyone I have a dream! Right now I have younger designers that are learning from me and my goal is to teach and share with them. I know that they want to build their own brand business at some point so I hope that I can serve as a mentor to them. And eventually, I hope to have a small agency where there are multiple people designing and teaching. This is very similar to the sister brand I run called Blckprnt – a workshop I have for eight creatives where I work with them on Wix to design their website. I just love helping and teaching people how to get started with their business because it can be hard. So that’s my dream, just to continue teaching and hopefully to have that little agency that I picture in my mind.

I just love helping and teaching people how to get started because sometimes in the beginning of a business it’s hard and you just don’t know what is available to you.

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By The Wix Team

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