How to Lose Your Friends on Social Media

Growing up, we learn our fair share of social norms. From not talking with our mouth full, to knowing that it’s impolite to interrupt someone mid-sentence, certain guidelines have been drilled into our heads. But with so many of our interactions moving online, some of us are still learning how to appropriately behave behind our screens.

We noticed that a certain chapter is obviously missing from the modern day etiquette handbook – and we’re here to make things right. We consulted the social media gurus here at Wix (ie: a room full of community managers) and broke down the top 10 things that will get you unfriended on social media:

The Food Photographer

We get it, you eat. You’ll never believe this, but we eat too! Unless you want your friends at Wix to take a picture every time we get up from our workstations to shove a handful of cookies in our mouth, keep the food photography to really special meals. If you do insist on taking photos of your beautiful meal, please don’t forget to include a link to the restaurant website so that your followers can try the dish too. :)

The Gym Rat

Woah, did you just run 10K in 10 minutes?! #Beastmode! We hate to break it to you, but your athletically challenged friends over here are breaking a sweat just looking at all those pics of you at the gym. It’s not that we’re not proud of you, it’s just that the guilt can be a lot for us to bare.

Mr. Too Much Information

One thing that makes our skin crawl on social media is when someone gets too personal on their profile. Public love notes to a boyfriend or girlfriend, Snapchats of mundane moments of your work day, a detailed analysis of your newborn’s poop and what it could possibly mean- gross. Remember, social media is an open forum, and some things are best left for private conversations.

Needless to say, you should always think twice when getting a little too personal on your profile. You wouldn’t want to end up like these people who lost their jobs thanks to an all too personal social media post.

The Gamer

Candy Crush invites over Facebook are basically the new internet pop-up windows. Just, don’t.

Mr. ‘You Know Who’

We’ve all come across people on social media who thinks they’re soooo clever for posting a snide comment addressed to a ‘certain someone’ or ‘you know who’. It’s really cool that you’re sharing secrets, but we don’t think a public platform is the best place to do it.

The Politician

A lot of people use social media platforms to get a roundup of the daily news. And while we love using sources like Facebook and Twitter to get a well-balanced perspective on the news of the day, it sucks when someone uses a platform as if they themselves were running for office. If you’re dead-set on convincing people on the internet that your policial point of view is the way to go, you’re probably better off starting a blog.

Trolls and Bullies

At its core, social media is an interactive format that’s built for sharing thoughts and opinions. That being said, this doesn’t give you an excuse to be rude or reject someone else’s opinion online just because it’s different from your own. Healthy discussion, good. Being a hater – not good.

The King and Queen of Selfies

Some people have made a career out of taking good selfies – but unless your last name is Kardashian, odds are that won’t be you. Keep the self-portraits to a minimum and your followers will probably thank you.

Ms. Likes-Her-Own-Post

A word of advice, unless you do it ironically, liking your own post ain’t cool. In fact, it’s downright tacky. Don’t do it. Even if you’re drunk. On second thought, if you’ve been drinking stay away from social media altogether. Trust us.


Hashtags are great! They’re an awesome tool to join a conversation or to add some subtle context to a conversation. But there’s no need to #hashtag #every #word #in #a #sentence.

Bonus Round!

Don’t take it too seriously! Remember, at the end of the day, social profiles are curated content – don’t feel bad if your profile doesn’t look as glamorous as that girl you went to high school with who now uses too many filters. Your life is pretty damn wonderful as is!

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By The Wix Team

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