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Small Business Tips \ MAY 1st 2017

How to Make Sure Your Appointment Calendar is Always Booked

As a small business owner, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate. You can’t just sit around and make sure your customers are booking their next appointment with you – you’ve got a business to run! Fortunately, Wix Bookings lets your customers book and pay for your services online, freeing up your time to complete other tasks, while knowing your appointment calendar will always be full.

Whether you’re a makeup artist, a yoga instructor or a private tutor, it’s time to make sure your calendar is booked solid. We’ve broken down the ways in which you can make sure your appointments are always set!

Show your availability

When a client arrives to your site, you want your appointment availability to be the first thing they see. This way, they know when you’re offering a class or a lesson, when you’re already fully booked and when you’re free. You can easily access the Wix Bookings Widget straight from the Wix Editor, allowing you to display your full calendar or an individual service in a stunning way anywhere on your site. The cherry on the cake? You can customize the look and feel of the widget to match the overall theme of your website.

Wix Bookings availability

Offer them their own space

Want to make your clients’ booking experience is a bit more personal? Consider adding a Member Login button. This will allow your customers to cancel, reschedule and book appointments on their own time. Clients that are scheduling an appointment with you can also easily pay online in full or leave a deposit, should you require one.  A member login area makes your customers feel more secure and a little bit more like a VIP. Knowing that they can manage their appointments with you gives them full control and pretty much guarantees your calendar will remain full.

Get in touch

If your customers don’t hear from you every now and then, they just might not remember to book. Bummer, right? Prevent that from happening by making sure you’re sending a smoke signal once in a while. With Wix ShoutOut you can create a stunning newsletter to promote a new service you’re offering or a holiday sale you’re running. To help improve your clients’ experience, you can add notes and reminders to your client list within the Wix Bookings manager. Not only can you add their contact information, view their appointment history and upcoming appointments, you can write a note and even record their birthday. Client notes are the best way to remind yourself of important details related to each of your customers, ensuring you’re always one step ahead. 

Wix ShoutOut

Give them options

Some people like group sessions, some people like private sessions – but we know you love them all! That’s why it’s important to present all of your services clearly on your website. Showcase your services with a grid, strip or classic layout with the help of one of our stunning templates. The more variety your clients have, the more comfortable they will be booking an appointment with you. 

Be accessible

Last, but certainly not least, if you want to ensure your calendar is overflowing with appointments, make sure you’re accessible. Include all of your contact information clearly on your website. Encourage phone calls, emails and carrier pigeons with any question a prospect might have.

Be accessible

A few friendly reminders…

Use your (other) calendar

Aside from your bookings calendar, don’t forget to pay attention to that, ahem, other calendar you have. You know, the one with all of the national holidays on it? Use these occasions as an opportunity to run a fun promotion for your business and watch the appointments roll in.

Spread the word

Every business needs to market themselves in order to get their name out there. The more people see your advertisements, the more likely they are to schedule a service with you. Dive into the world of social media by setting up business accounts on Facebook, Twitter and any other social channel that floats your boat. Or take the next step and play around with paid advertising.

Prove they can trust you

If you want your clients to book and come back from more, make sure they know you’re a biz to be trusted. How do you go about proving that? Create a compelling About Us Page on your site that introduces your business, your staff and your mission. You can also add an FAQ page that answers their questions before they even ask. If you want to go full power with your online customer service, you can even add a forum or a live chat!

Got a few satisfied customers already? Why not encourage them to add some testimonials and sing your praise? One of the best ways to bring in more bookings is to show off how happy all of your existing clients are :)

Ready to fill up your appointment calendar today? Create a website with Wix!

By Jillian Altit
Community Manager - About The Wix Blog

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