How to Use Pinterest to Boost Your Business

Think social media and sales have nothing in common? Think again. In the world of social media, one site has proven time and again that a strong presence on those platforms can play a big role in converting customers on business websites.

Pinterest sees more than 150 million active users each month who flock to the site for inspiration on everything from food, fashion, crafting, to our favorite topic: web design tips (just to name a few). While you'll find many designers on Pinterest, it's a valuable tool for any type of business. Users have been primed to be redirected to external sources to finalize their purchase or get more information.

Want to know how you can use Pinterest to send more traffic to your website? Here are just some of the ways that you can pump up your page to reach a bigger audience.

Prepping the perfect Pinterest page and Pinterest boards

As with any successful online website, your first step to mastering Pinterest is to create a beautiful page! Think of your business page as a library of inspiration – and any great library has an easy reference system. Once you have your page set up, curate it with different boards. A board allows you to organize your categories and topics, like products, tips and insights that your audience will no doubt appreciate. Within those boards, you’ll have what are known as pins, or visual bookmarks. We’ll dive into what makes a great pin in just a moment.

When it comes to your Pinterest page, variety is key. Take the Wix Pinterest account for example. Within our main page, we’ve got dozens of boards; from landing page inspiration to typography tips and even work from Wix users. Not sure what boards to create for your page? Pinterest suggests digging into your web analytics to get an idea of what content your audience appreciates and customize your content around those themes.

Creating the perfect pin

When it comes to Pinterest, image is everything. Each one of your pins serves as just a cover for the content that you want to direct your audience to. It’s recommended to use bright colors and a brief title to make your pins stand out, according to the Pinterest blog.

Unlike other social media sites, Pinterest is built on a vertical grid – so any image that you create should read from up to down and be sized in a 2:3 or 1:3.5 aspect ratio, with a minimum width of 600 pixels.

Send more traffic to your website

Like we mentioned above, one of the biggest advantages that Pinterest has for businesses is that the whole platform is tailored to send traffic to your website. Link each of your pins to a designated landing page, product page or your homepage depending on what your goal is.

Increase sales with your pins

Pinterest is arguably the best social media site when it comes to sending people further down your sales funnel. Unlike other social platforms, Pinterest attracts an audience who is by and large in a purchasing state of mind. With much of the Pinterest crowd on the channel looking for better living inspiration, the right pin can easily turn into a purchase.

Make your website Pinterest friendly

Want your website images to be all over Pinterest? Put the ball in your site viewers’ hands and increase your online reach. How?  You can allow your site visitors to pin images from your website right onto their own boards with a Pinterest Save button. If you’re a Wix user, you can easily add a Pinterest Pin It button from the Wix App Market.

While you’re there, check out our other offerings like the Pinterest Feed, Pinterest Follow and Pinterest Pin Share apps.

Add keywords to your content

It wouldn’t be a stretch to call Pinterest a search engine at heart. Like the Google of the DIY world, the search bar plays a large part in the user experience. Help your pins get found in searches by including important keywords in your pin’s description.

Promote your content on Pinterest

Looking for a way to ensure that your pins will be seen by your target audience? Like other social media platforms, Pinterest has ad buying options to push your pins. You can use popular targeting methods like keyword searches and geo-targeting to put your pins in front of the right people.

Get social with your pins

Remember, Pinterest is still a social platform, so you’ll want to keep your followers engaged. Enable your comments and messages to encourage communication and speak with your community.

But don’t get stuck! Share the links to your pins on other social networks (Facebook sounds great) in order to drive traffic to your boards. After all, there are tons of other (p)interesting platforms out there.

By Nathaly Myers

Community & Social Media Manager

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