20 Totally Unexpected Google Street View Sightings

For years, Google has been so much more than just a search engine, they also offer a wide range of products and services, all designed to make our life easier. For instance, if you have a Wix website, you can enjoy a personalized business email address. Another helpful tool by the big G is Google Maps – the northern star of modern times, guiding our lost souls back home in the middle of the night, reminding us that the next bus is only two minutes away when we’re close to losing hope and revealing the hidden exit path from a crowded park on a Sunday afternoon.

However, on the road to turning us into more complete and whole human beings, Google Maps sometimes catches us when we’re down. Those who get caught doing embarrassing acts by the all-seeing cameras of the Google street view cars will have their dignity dragged in the mud until the end of days (or probably until they’ll ask for the picture to be removed).

These are their stories (Dun Dun):

Scuba chasing (soon to be scuba fighting)

On the set of "The Birds 2"

This cloud looks like a leaf! And this cloud looks like... a car!

A viral fail Youtube video in the making

Bono's inspiration for "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of"

Are you filming an early 2000's video clip or are you just happy to see me?

Now we just need a biker, a construction worker and a cowboy to do the "M", "C" and "A"

Amusement parks can break the strongest ones among us

The Easter Eggs business is out of date, the real goldmine is the footwear industry

A glitch in the Matrix

"We're on a road to nowhere..."

"You have the right to hide from Google's cameras. Any stupid face you'll make can and will be used against you in a court of law."

"OMG! The car seeds we planted are finally blooming!"

"Quick, They're coming! Bring me the pan! Not the regular one. the one with the holes, I want to see!"

How to earn your parents' respect and become an honored member of your community

Just Chillin'

The new season of Prison Break (the Google Street version)

Still no sign of Mowgli...

Nothing weird here, keep walking

By Chen Attias

Community Manager

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