New! 11 Amazing Templates That You Don’t Want to Miss

New Website Templates by Wix

Have you been thinking about creating a website, but haven’t had the right inspiration? If the answer is yes, then you’re in for a treat because we’ve got a treasure chest of design gems to share. That’s right, today we present to you our most spectacular new templates, all for your benefit. These babies have all the bells and whistles with advanced tools and the latest trends, to help you easily bring your most beautiful dreams to life – on a stunning website.

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat yet? Get ready to be blown away, here is our latest collection of fully customizable templates:

Casies Website Template

If you’re looking to create an online store that has “style” written all over it, then look no further. This template has everything you need and smoothly adapts to any product. Not only is it easy to navigate, the design is incredibly eye-catching; we can hardly stop staring at those fun colors!  Your customers will have a great time browsing your inventory because your site won’t just deliver products, it’ll deliver an experience.

Wix Template - Casies

Aerial Photography Website Template

Veni, Vidi, Cepi. I came, I saw, I captured – should be the motto for this template. At first glance, the bold font and captivating background image really grabs peoples’ attention and hooks them from arrival. The perks don’t stop there, with an impressive Wix Pro Gallery and straightforward online bookings, you’ll be sure to snag the eyes of your site visitors.

Wix Template - Aerial Photography

Celebration Coming Soon Website Template

Far from a simple landing page, this ‘coming soon’ layout includes lively animation that adds a fun pop! Plus, it incorporates a hip lightbox so that you can welcome new visitors and grow your customer list. No matter how big or small the celebration, this ‘coming soon’ website will give your guests a good taste of what’s to come.

Wix Template - Celebration Coming Soon

City Hostel Website Template

If you have the magical getaway and all you need is a sublime site to show off your digs, then this is perfect for you. Right from the homepage, your customers will get the feel of your place through a striking slideshow. What’s more, they can also conveniently book a night with the help of Wix Hotels. And of course, the template is flawlessly designed with a minimalist layout and an impeccably selected Sans Serif font, amounting to a unique design.With a style like this, it’ll be a no-brainer for your customers!

Wix Template - City Hostel

Designer’s Forum Website Template

If you’re a designer looking to establish an online community for other creative people, you deserve the most brilliant and clean composition. With that in mind, this cleverly constructed forum template has everything you need to encourage people to share their knowledge and enthusiasm. Invite them in with an accessible hamburger menu, blow their mind with cool animations, and peak their interest with a polished blog. By the time your done, your forum will be the platform to let creativity run wild! Because after all, design is intelligence made visible.

Wix Template - Designers Forum

Event Planners Website Template

Whether you’re a wedding planner or you produce large company events, a website is a great way to showcase your services. That’s why we’ve created this ultimate event planner template, so you can share your skills with the world. With just a simple click on the bookings button – conveniently found on every page – your clients will be directed to your services where they can quickly schedule an appointment.  Spotlight the beautiful events you’ve planned with a dazzling interactive gallery, an elegant combination of typography and clean parallax scrolling. Everything you can think of is in one place to create a breathtaking website.

Wix Template - Event Planning

Gallery Event Website Template

This one-page gallery event template is visually stunning but its strength relies on its simplicity. With its anchor menu, soft colors and minimalistic images, this design assures the spotlight is on your work. There are dozens of terrific layout combinations within the Wix Pro Gallery to help showcase a wide range of your creations. Make sure you’ve got plenty of room at the venue, because with Wix Events, your guest list will fill up! It’ll only take a few light touches to get your event up and running.

Wix Template - Gallery Event

Go Bars Website Template

This joyful eCommerce template is exactly what you need to put your business on the map and to stand out amongst the crowd. The design was created to energise and captivate your potential clients with a professional and easy-to-navigate site. This layout is fruitful and is equipped with all the eCommerce tools Wix has to offer including tantalizing product pictures, an enticing shopping cart icon and animation effects (even in the header!). With a template like this, you’re sure to lock down a sale.

Wix Template Go Bars

Photography Forum Website Template

As a photographer, you’re creative by nature and sometimes, it’s nice to be able to share that passion with others. Since we know how hard you work, we’ve designed this photography forum template so you can strut your stuff and build your community. Here you can display your projects with ease, ask questions and get feedback from your peers. As always, the wide images and gorgeous galleries can be personalized to your needs.

Wix Template Photography Forum

The Science Documentary Template

And action! This documentary template is a good fit for you if film is your job, passion or hobby. With Wix Video on your site, your visitors can experience fluid streaming so you can showcase all of your work. And, not to toot our own horn, but it’s the best way to promote and sell video content online. The impressive wide layouts give it a contemporary feel and the fantastic color scheme and video background add the finishing touches. This template, is truly out of this world!

Wix Template The Science Documentary

Social Forum Template

When it comes to creating a forum, you want to make sure people can’t help but engage with you from the first glance. And guess what? This template does just that, with the help of the most creative animations right on the top fold – no joke, you have to click to see. With a template like this, you’ll be sure to boost your content and have fun with your virtual community. Once they understand your (very cool) tone, they’ll want to stay and check out all the neat features and cinemagraphs you threw in. No question!

Wix Template - Social Forum

By Tali Marks

Community and Social Media Manager

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