This Wix User’s Hilarious Art Mixes Fiction With Reality

Here at Wix, we’re always stumbling across talented artists. From paintings on canvas, to paintings on the street, it is truly a pleasure to watch a person bring their imagination to life and share their art with the world through their stunning Wix website.

The work of François Dourlen is no exception. You may recognize him from his Bored Panda fame or his collaborations with major brands like Netflix and PlayStation. François has captured our hearts with his gallery of photos, videos and GIFs, where he replaces a real-life image with a photo from his phone, blending the two worlds together.

The result? Hilarity, wit and total brilliance. We took some time to chat with François to find out how he got started with these unique creations, where he gets his inspiration from and where plans to go from here.

Wix: First, you should know we’re all huge fans of your work! Where did you get the idea to capture art this way? How did you get started?

François: Thanks a million. First it was just a joke for a friend – I wanted to make a funny and original picture for a baby’s room! I replaced a statue of Napoleon in Cherbourg with the head of a little pony. I uploaded the picture on Facebook and lot of people told me it was cool. I created another and then another, it just clicked for people.

Wix: Where do you find your inspiration in your day-to-day? What is the creative process like?

François: I just see something on the street, in my house, everywhere really. I begin to create something on the spot and everything makes me think of something else; a film, an animation movie. I just found the way to show the associations of ideas in my head and bring them to life. Nothing is calculated!

Wix: What is your favorite work of art?

François: My favorite is the one I haven’t took yet, the next one. My favorite part of the process is the moment where I have the idea.

Wix: How do you go about marketing your art and getting your name out there?

François: I’m actually a history teacher and I love my job because I can connect to the younger generations. Posting my work to social media made me famous and lot of brands (like Disney and Audi), have contacted me to create content for their social networks. I don’t do anything, I wait for the opportunity to come to me, I really do it all just for fun.

Wix: How has Wix helped you out?

François: I started posting my pictures on social media but had always thought about creating a website. Then I found Wix; I don’t really have so much knowledge in this field and I found it really easy to make a website. My site becomes more beautiful as I learn more and it continues to evolve with the help of the new features coming out. On my website, people can consume all of my work in one place.

Wix: What are your goals for the future? How can Wix help you get there?

François: I want to expand to more GIFS and videos, I just want to keep having fun and evolving. Wix can continue to help me by being the window to show what I love doing on the Internet.

Ready to bring your own unique art to life? Create your own Wix website today!

By Jillian Altit

Community Manager

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