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Wix \ MAR 9th 2017

15 Street Art Masterpieces That Are Sure To Inspire

Today more than ever, the possibilities of exposing your art are endless. Creative works can be displayed almost anywhere, from social media to your own online portfolio, to the very street where you live.

Don’t believe us? Just for a moment, raise your head up from your Facebook wall on your smartphone, and pay attention to the actual walls that surround you. If you’re lucky enough, you might find some surprising works of art, realized by street artists on the raw canvas that is the city.

Here are the 15 most inspiring works of street art that we gathered from vibrant cities around the world:

Cool graffiti: Caught in a paint storm

Credit: Skurktur

Puffing with eyes closed

Credit: Anderson “SÃO” Augusto and Leo DELAfuente


Credit: I Support Street Art

These hands were made for walking

Credit: Martin Ron

I lost my shoe when I saw you

Credit: Lonac

Beautiful street art found in Barcelona

Credit: Miss Van

Amazing 3D street art

Credit: Nikita Nomerz

Imagination station

Credit: Olek

Playful street art

Credit: Sandrine Boulet

The best street art found in Portugal

Credit: Bordalo II

Junk yard fly on the wall

Credit: MTO/Cassel

Italian graffiti artist Mr Thoms

Credit: Mr Thoms

NEVERCREW graffiti street art

Credit: Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni

Banksy's work of art

Credit: Banksy

Unzipping the coolest street art

Credit: Roadsworth

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By Taira Sabo
Wix Blog Manager, Wix About the Wix Blog

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