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Promote Your Site \ JAN 11th 2017

More than Just Emojis: How Emotions Impact Marketing

It’s no secret that emotions play a large part in our decision-making process; so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that emotional intelligence is greatly intertwined into marketing. From copy that’s written to elicit a certain reaction or response, to a website or advertisement’s color scheme aimed to make a viewer feel a certain way at just first glance – smart marketers think about how their content will make a viewer feel at every point of engagement.

Some of our favorite advertisements, like Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ campaign and Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ ads, focus primarily on a human experience while their products play second fiddle. Even if your small business doesn’t have a big advertising firm on your side to create world class commercials, you have plenty of opportunities to utilize emotional intent in your marketing efforts. From your digital assets like blog posts or subject lines for your newsletter, to photos displayed on your website or storefront – there’s no shortage of ways that you can put your heart on the line and create emotional content that works.

Here are the 10 types of emotional marketing that convert best for businesses:


That heart pumping feeling of fear is one of the most relatable emotions out there. Whether it’s a suspenseful twist in a commercial, an eerily designed visual, or the worst fear of all… FOMO (the fear of missing out) – there are plenty of opportunities for your business to tastefully utilize fear tactics in your marketing. Adding an element of fear can be as easy as adding a sense of urgency to your email’s subject line. Here’s an example – the email subject line: “10 mistakes that can harm your business” will often have a higher click through rate than a post titled: “10 tips for a better business.” So don’t be afraid, try adding a sense of urgency with a little fear factor today.


We can all think back to ads that have tugged at our heartstrings (and our wallets) with their masterful use of emotional marketing. Guilt is one of the best emotional tools to add urgency to your posts. Naturally, the best examples of guilt-based advertising can be found in non-profits who often center their messaging about the immediate end to their particular cause.
Many business (like Wix user Free Outfitters) utilize guilt-based advertising by donating a portion of their profits to a cause that they hold near and dear. If you ask us, that makes for some guilt-free shopping!


More than just good practice, positioning your business as honest and transparent can be create a lifelong bond between seller and consumer. Ever see commercials that note that a business has ‘no hidden fees’ or ‘hundreds of satisfied customers’? That’s a tactic that’s meant to position a business as trustworthy. Another great way to earn the trust of new clients is by highlighting happy customers with testimonials! Keep updating those testimonials on your site and review pages to boost your website’s SEO – trust us on that.


Who doesn’t love a good deal? Presenting your business as the best bang for a buck can provoke feelings of urgency and confidence for your target market. Confident that you offer the best deal? Provoke this emotion by stating that if a customer finds a better deal for the same offering elsewhere, you’ll match it!


Fitting in is a feeling that many of us can relate to. Whether it’s belonging to an elite club, feeling like you’re a part of a company’s inner circle, a sense of belonging is an emotion that many companies use well. Are you an iPhone person or Android? Do you prefer Pepsi or Coke? Whether you know it or not, companies often use consumer preferences to create a community… that you may not know you belonged to in the first place.


Are you the kind of person who wants to be at the cutting edge of the next big thing? The ever-changing technological landscape has created a generation of cool kids who want to be in the know. Entice these people to try your newest offering by showing them that a little something different could be just what they were looking for to stand out. Remember, you heard this tip here first ;)


Whether it’s a limited edition product or a must-have item that everyone has, creating a sense of competition for your product or service is a sure-fire way to make it sought after. Create a sense of competition on your eCommerce site by showing off how many items of your products you have left. But hurry, before somebody else does this!


Adding a sense of urgency to your marketing material when it matters most can be just the subliminal push your audience needs to make their purchase. Whether it’s a ‘Buy Now’ button on your CTA or a ‘Only 24 Hours Left’ on your sales banner – a little urgency can go a long way. Try this now, you won’t be disappointed ;)


There are no shortage of cool-kids in the internet world, but even cool kids have their idols. Appeal to your audience’s inner-hero by suggesting that your product or service can bring them one step closer to being like their favorite authority.

You don’t need to pay big bucks for a celebrity endorsement to appeal to their fanbase. Stores often feature looks similar to a favorite star’s signature style or a tech item they were photographed carrying that you  happen to sell too. After all, Madonna once said,  “Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.”


In the tech-age of instant messages and emails round the clock, there is no greater commodity than time. Referencing a time-saving function that your business provides can hit a soft spot with your audience. Give this a try some time, it’ll cut your marketing efforts in half.

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* adapted from Entrepreneur’s article: 10 Common -and Effective- Emotional Triggers. Susan Gunelius.

By Nathaly Myers
Community & Social Media Manager, Wix - About the Wix Blog

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