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Wix User Testimonial – A Tale of Unicorns and Dragons

With over 90 million Wix users, it’s safe to say we spend a good portion of our day browsing through websites that catch our eye. From stunning photography portfolios to unique eCommerce sites, we’re fortunate enough to see the talent that our users have every day.

We love when we stumble across a site that possesses the triple crown; a unique product, a smart business model with a feel-good core and a stunning site. And then we were introduced to the two men behind Unicorn Adoptions and Dragon Adoptions, Mark Swift and James Smith.

Oh yes, you read that right.

Whether you’re looking to explore your inner fabulousness or your bold and courageous self, Unicorn Adoptions and Dragon Adoptions is all you really need. The concept is simple; order one of the mystical creatures and you’ll receive a magical adoption package and regular updates from the community. For every adoption purchased, £1 will be donated to an organization that helps people facing adversity.

The moment we found them we were hooked on the concept and they quickly became the topic of conversation in our office. We took some time to chat with our friends from Unicorn Adoptions and Dragon Adoptions. Their story is an inspiration to small business owners everywhere. If you have a message you want to spread, there is a way to turn it into your profession – just take a lesson from these guys.

Meet Two Wix Users Who Brought Their Passion to Life

Wix: Where did the idea for Unicorn Adoptions and Dragon Adoptions come from?

Mark and James: So, we had been discussing all the negative news stories of late. There seems to be so much negativity in the world right now and we wanted to come up with an idea that was fun and pure escapism. We were joking around saying that all this negative energy makes you want to ride away on a Unicorn into the sunset. And so the idea was born! We became interested in the idea of bringing fantasy creatures to life. We spent time exploring what we believed the Unicorn symbolized and we felt it embodied a person’s inner fabulousness. We believe everyone is fabulous in their own unique way. Likewise, with Dragon Adoptions it’s about your inner courage and strength. We can all be strong and courageous to stand up for fairness and equality for all people.

We wanted to put some positive energy out into the world. We decided to donate a portion of the income from sales of our adoption packs to good causes that embody these values and so we now support Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Stonewall and Community Integrated Care.

Wix: How do you market your products?

Mark and James: We’re an online novelty gift company and so it’s really important that we maximize our online presence using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We also use Wix ShoutOut to communicate with our followers. We run regular competitions and sales promotions throughout the year to keep our customers engaged.

Wix: Okay, we have to ask – how has Wix helped you out?

Mark and James: We’re so glad we came across Wix. Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to launch our company as quickly as we did. It offered us a high-quality website solution that did away with the financial and time costs associated with developing a website from scratch. Also, Wix ShoutOut is great, you can target customers and communicate directly with them making life so much easier!

We’ve been really impressed with the service we have received from Wix. The support team has been on hand to answer any questions we’ve had and the response time is really fast. It feels like you’re a part of a community when you sign up to Wix and it’s great to have this support when starting a new business. In addition to this, we were delighted to be selected as finalists in a recent Wix competition in which we won Amazon vouchers!

Wix: So, where do you want to go from here and how can Wix help you get there?

Mark and James: At the moment our main goal is to grow our sales in new markets across the world. We think Wix is the perfect web solution for this as the hosting is reliable and it can cope with the internet traffic. In addition to this, we plan to develop other new products in the New Year. Other than this, we hope our products bring a smile to people’s faces all around the world and go on to generate lots of money for the good causes we support!

Ready to bring your unique idea to life? Create a website with Wix today.

By Jillian Altit
Community Manager - About The Wix Blog

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