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7 Food Truck Websites on The Road to Success

Eating is an essential part of our daily lives, yet so many of us end up scarfing down a quick meal in between meetings, class, or wherever our busy days lead us. Finding a satisfying spot for a feast can be daunting, or dare we even say…disruptive to our routines. With the popularity of mobile dining, or Food Trucks, on the rise, it’s become more convenient to grab a bite on the go.

Remember Felix? The star of our exciting Big Game Campaign this year? After an action-packed evening in his restaurant and a seemingly unfortunate turn of events that led to the destruction of his restaurant, Felix got back on his feet and jumped aboard the latest trend in dining by creating Chez Felix food truck.

We’re all like Felix, because no matter what happens to him, he always keeps things stunning. Even when his food truck was taken over by the celebs, he got back on his feet in a creative way. To show your solidarity, join the movement and change your profile picture to Felix today. Wix is giving away $10,000 EVERY WEEKDAY until the big game. Plus a $50,000 grand prize on Game Day!

Missed our latest Big Game Day spot? Check out all the action here:

Can I order a website to go?

Creating a gorgeous Wix website takes less time than ordering a Nutella Crepe from a food truck. Look at Felix! He created a website using killer features such as Long Scrolling and cool Parallax effects, in no time! Check out his newest Gourmet to Go website: www.chezfelixgourmet.com

Chez Felix Gourmet

Felix isn’t the only one who inspires us to keep going and do better. Our talented users always take it to the next level with the great websites they’re creating using Wix.

We guarantee these 7 gorgeous food truck websites will satisfy your appetite:

The #DivineComfort of Puddin’

Puddin’ is all about good ole’ American comfort food, and this delicious website definitely leaves us wanting more. Toyin Alli, the owner of Puddin’, showcased her delectable dishes with high quality images, and built her website using great colors, fonts and the fun zoom feature. If you ever get to the DC area, make sure to check her divine menu.

DC Puddin'

The Smokin’ Red Bear

Who knew a food truck can be modern and retro at the same time? The Red Bear has it all! From a cool concept, to amazing food, this all-star (and smokin’ hot) chef totally nailed it! While The Red Bear’s concept is about comfort greasy food, the approach Chef Kenneth picked for his Wix website is clean, modern and cool. In need for some junk food that looks like a 5 star meal? Drop by this Texas hot-spot.

The Red Bear

All You Can Stuff at Triple Jay’s Pizza

Didn’t think pizza on demand was a thing? Thing again. At Triple Jay’s Pizza, they offer to cater your parties with a truck full of hot cheesy pizza and endless toppings. While we don’t really need to be sold on eating a pizza, Jay’s website brings his food to life, totally making our mouths water. Plus, there’s a bonus image gallery with shots from their past events. Shout out to their fundraising section that helps them bring in the big bucks for their catering events!

Triple Jay's Pizza

The Yummy Love between The Butcher & The Blonde

This truck is all about the love of two foodies that decided to turn their passion into a business. The Butcher & The Blonde’s food truck website might look dark and edgy, but the story behind it will give you butterflies. This truck stands out from others with their choice of a dark looking website, using the hip long scrolling homepage and an exciting events gallery. The best meals are made with love, and we’re almost certain their truck will satisfy all your cravings.

The Butcher and The Blonde

Shots of Brownies at The Cookie Bar

“We Bake Smiles” is the motto of the sweetest food truck we could have wished for: The Cookie Bar. Drunk cookies is what they like to call their different alcohol-infused treats; we’ll take two!  Interested in buying a cookie?  Peruse their beautiful product gallery and make a purchase!

The Cookie Bar

The Icing on Top at Sweet Caroline’s

On a hot summer day, flavored ice is what we want. Sweet Caroline’s Ice Box food truck will chill your day with an abundant of flavors to choose from. Maureen and Ellen, hairstylists turned food truck owners, chose to go with a minimalist and sassy look for their website, using professional photos, a playful event calendar and user friendly ‘Contact Us’ form. We totally melted when looked at their Ice Box website.
Sweet Caroline's Ice Box

That’s a Whole Lot of Le Crepe

If you ever wished for a healthy yet delicious crepe, then Whole Le Crepe is the food truck you need to follow. Owner Tina Paula prides herself in creating crepes made only from the finest ingredients. She made use of some of the best Wix features; from a vibrant photo gallery to an original “Cast Your Vote for Best Crepe” survey. We’ll take one of everything on the menu, please.

Whole Le Crepe

Looking to win BIG? Enter to Be Like Felix and you just might!

The Wix Team
By The Wix Team

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